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Bucktrout & Co. - Football Teams of the Bailiwick

Football Teams of the Bailiwick
Bucktrout & Co.

1.  Capelles FC - 1st XI

C. Vague (Linesman), A. Young, C. Jolly, W. Bougourd, C. Wallbridge, C. Hudson, M. Mackenzie (Referee), T. Le Page, W. Duquemin, E. Duquemin, C. Le Sauvage, J. Dorey, J. Brake
2.  Belgrave FC - Junior XI
A. Barnicott (Committee), D. Waterman, P. Toms, W. Huelin, W. Taylor (President), C. Elsbury (Committee), T. Waterman, H. Allen, L. Herivel, J. Roberts, A. Le Maitre, J. Aubert (Trainer), R. Ingram, E. Staples, J. Lewis
3.  Northerners FC - 1st XI
T. Holland (Trainer), A. Le Cheminant, A. Pammett (Committee), L. Purdy, A. Barrasin, W.F.M. Tachon (Hon. Sec.), A. Brehaut, J. Beach, W. Bird (President), F. Platon, H. Trustum, W. Warr, R.G. Brown, G. Dunn, C. Solway , F. Falla (Committee)
4.  Capelles FC - 2nd XI
W. Lock, W. Carre, J. Bougeard, M. Guillemet (Hon. Sec.), J. Earle, W. Guillemet, J. Cherry, W. Le Page, E. Bougourd, W. Young, W. Dorey, R. Battle
5.  Rangers FC - Junior XI
A.M. Naftel (Coach), E. Brouard, W. Renouf, E. Martel, C. Helyar, R. Robinson, C. De la Mare, C. Chapple, R. Gardner, C. Davis, E. Rihoy, J. Roberts, E. Le Poidevin , G. Vining
6.  2nd Battalion DCLI - 1st XI
Cpl. Randall, Bdm. Hooker, L/Cpl. Bailey, A.Q.M.S. Reeve, Bdm. Belton, Pte. Stallard, L/Cpl. Hickman, Cpl. Wensley, Sgt. Mabbs, L/Cpl. Maldon, Pte. Harding
7.  Jackson League Team
A.J. Bougourd, A. Barrasin, F. Platon, H. Trustum, B. Tett, E. Ogier, G. Dunn, C. Solway, L. Bird, A. Leadbeater , J. Rihoy
8.  Northerners FC - 2nd XI
W.F.M. Tachon (Hon. Sec.), J. Rihoy, C. Solway, T. Budge (Vice-President), A. Barrasin, F. Platon, A. Leadbeater , N. Le Poidevin , T. Holland (Trainer), H. Trustum, W. Wilson, J. Sebire, E. Ogier, G. Dunn
9.  Belgrave FC - 2nd XI
F. Duquemin, W. Taylor (President), G. Staples, L. Herivel, A. Taylor, J. Catts, C. Elsbury (Committee), P. Osborne, W.J. Collins (Hon. Sec.), J. Collas, B. Tett , A. Rowe, A. Wellington, A. Thompson
10.  Guernsey Muratti Team
G. Robinson (Reserve), S. Collins, L. Purdy, P.F. Watson, S. Chapple, D. Keyho, W. Tostevin, J. Clark (Asst. Train.) (Reserve), S.A. Noel, J. Richardson, G. Symons, J. Meagher, W. Down, H. Chappell
11.  Belgrave FC - 3rd XI
S. Collins, R.S. Le Heron, W. Finningham, A. Legg, P. Osborne, W. Damarell, C. Elsbury (Committee), F. Hatcher, G. Staples, B. Tett, L. Le Breton, W. Huelin
12.  Athletics FC - 2nd XI
H. Barlett, G. Weymouth, W. Renouf, T. McCathie, W. Le Cras, F. Clark, G. Stone, H.F. Banks, C. Toms, L. Bird, W. Mauger
13.  Sarnian League XI
T. Robins, C. Jolly, W. Mauger, G. Stevens, R. Hare, R. Falla, W. Duquemin, C. Lancaster, R. Hannis, B. Victor, S. Le Page
14.  Northerners FC - Junior XI
P. Rowland (Committee), J. O’Meara, R. Mauger, J. Duquemin, G. Cleal (Jnr. Coach), A. Stevens, H. Marley, A. Rowe, W. Barrasin, E. Poole, H. Solway, W. Mahy, J. Blampied, J. Falla
15.  Athletics FC - 1st XI
W. Spiller, G. Symons, A.J. Bougourd, C. Bird, C. Cox, T. McCathie, S. Collins, T. Baker, S. Barnard, P. Bougourd, E. Bougourd
16.  Rangers FC - 2nd XI
W. Down , S. Rich , W. Beaugie , R. Helyer , E. Zabiela (Committee), C. Nevitt, C. Worley , A. Le Moignan (Committee) , W.C. Ellis (Hon. Sec.) , W.C. Down, W. Hill , C. Down , W. Paul , W. Down
17.  Rangers FC - 1st XI
J. Etor (Committee), F. Cochrane (Committee), W. McLernon , G. Robinson , A. Marriette (Committee), S. Chapple , F. Rich , H. Chappell , W. Down, W.C. Down , L. Rich , W.C. Ellis (Hon. Sec.), J. Masterton , J.J. Smith , J.J. Richardson, W. Machon , J. Meagher 
18.  North Centrals FC - 1st XI
J. Lorcet, B. Willcox , A. Lorcet , W. Stephens , P. Hobbs , A. Carre , C. Vague (Linesman), J. Mauger , J. Ogier , W. Mauger , R. Clark , A. Simon, J.K. Ogier
19.  Moye Rangers FC - 2nd XI
M. Mackenzie (Referee) , J. Domaille , A. Green , T. Corbett , C. Vague (Lineman) , H. Macy , C. Ogier , J. Hubert , E. de Jersey , L. Barbe , E. Le Noury , G. de Jersey , W. Bennett
20.  Guernsey Schoolboys Island XI
W. Falla, F. Hall, J. Waterman, H. Palmer, E. Martin, C. Wood, J. Mahy, W. Smith, C. Barker, H. Tozer, D. Le Page
21.  Le Riches FC
T. Cook , R. Cross , R. Hake , C. Johns , J. White , J. Richings , W. Prout , C. Cook , A.J. Adam , R. Robinson , V. Whitford
22.  Regimental Team, 2nd Battalion DCLI
Bdm. Hooker, Cpl. Randall, L/Cpl. Hickman, L/Cpl. Bailey, L/Cpl. Maldon, Sgt. Mabbs, Capt. E. Hare M.C., Lt-Col. A Willaims-Freeman (C.O.) D.S.O., O.B.E., Sgt. Pearn, Cpl. Wensley 


  1. What is the average value per card in this set?

    1. Hi,

      You can buy a complete set of 22 cards for £22.00 from The London Cigarette Card Co. Ltd., so I wouldn't put it higher than £1.00 for each card.



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