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F. & J. Smith (Cup Tie Cigarettes) - Footballers (1909)

F. & J. Smith (Cup Tie Cigarettes)
50x2 cards

UPDATE (18-02-2019 14:09):  Issue date amended to 1909 as some cards refer to players receiving caps for 1909 internationals.
UPDATE (28-01-2021 23:53):  Nigel at CardHawk has been doing some research on these cards, here is his findings:
Firstly, the fronts of the cards can be seen with a black & white image or with a brownish/sepia image. The distinction between the two variants is very subtle, though from the examples I have seen it does appear that the card is slightly more of a cream colour on the brownish/brown cards whereas with the black images the card is lighter. 
The examples show this quite clearly where the first is black & white with a white reverse, and the second is brown/sepia with a cream reverse.
Secondly, some cards have a dark/navy blue text to the rear, while others have a pale blue text. The difference between these is easier to see.

Footballers - First Series 

1.  unissued

2.  A. Bennet (Glasgow Rangers)
3.  John McLean (Motherwell)
4.  J. Grant (St. Mirren)
5.  J. Simpson (Falkirk)
6.  J. McMenemy (Glasgow Celtic)
7.  J. Stark (Glasgow Rangers)
8.  H. Collins (Falkirk)
9.  T.H. Paton (St. Mirren)
10.  P. Somers (Glasgow Celtic)
11.  A. Smith (Glaspow Rangers)
12.  A. Craig (Glasgow Rangers)
13.  unissued
14.  A. McNair (Glasgow Celtic)   -   updated  -  thanks to Peter
15.  A.G. Raisbeck (Partick Thistle)
16.  J. Rattray (Motherwell)
17.  J. Cunningham (St. Mirren)
18.  R. Robertson (St. Mirren)
19.  D. Hamilton (Glasgow Celtic)
20.  C.H. Tickle (Birmingham)
21.  D. Stokes (Bolton Wanderers)
22.  C.G. Wedlock (Bristol City)
23.  G. Hilsdon (Chelsea)
24.  W. Scott (Everton)
25.  S. Hardy (Liverpool)
26.  J. Thronley (Manchester City)
27.  W. Meredith (Manchester United)
28.  J. Linacre (Nottingham Forest)
29.  A. Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)   -   amended 17-01-2021  -  thanks to CardHawk
30.  F. O'Rourke (Bradford City)
31.  J. Sharp (Fulham)
32.  K.R.G. Hunt (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
33.  A. Buick (Portsmouth)
34.  E.H. Linott (Queens Park Rangers)
35.  C. Bannister (Swindon Town)
36.  G. Wall (Manchester United)
37.  A. Common (Middlesbrough)
38.  C. Thomson (Sunderland)
39.  A. Turnbull (Manchester United)
40.  B. Warren (Chelsea)
41.  J. Watson (Middlesbrough)
42.  H. Fleming (Swindon Town)
43.  W. Harrison (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
44.  G. Stewart (Manchester City)
45.  C. Roberts (Manchester United)
46.  H. Makepeace (Everton)
47.  H. Moger (Manchester United)
48.  H. Burgess (Manchester United)
49.  J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion)
50.  J. MacConachie (Everton)
51.  J. Taylor (Everton)
52.  B. Freeman (Everton)

Footballers - Second Series

53.  Not issued

54.  Not issued
55.  L. Skene (Fulham)
56.  A.E. Houlker (Colne)
57.  J. Quinn (Glasgow Celtic)
58.  J. Brownlie (Third Lanark
59.  T. McAteer (Clyde)
60.  A, Thomson (Airdrieonians)
61.  W. Lennie (Aberdeen)
62.  A McFarlane (Dundee)
63.  R. Templeton (Kilmarnock)
64.  R. Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
65.  J. Main (Edinburgh Hibernian)
66.  R.C. Hamilton (Greenock Morton)
67.  T. Sloan (Third Lanark)
68.  H. Dainty (Dundee)
69.  W. Duncan (Airdrieonians)
70.  W. Muir (Heart of Midlothian)
71.  C. O'Hagan (Aberdeen)
72.  J. Hunter (Dundee)
73.  W. Hogg (Glasgow Rangers)
74.  J. Hay (Glasgow Celtic)
75.  D.S. Rombach (Airdrieonians)
76.  J. Hosie (Third Lanark)
77.  W. Walker (Clyde)
78.  W. Low (Newcastle United)
79.  R. Robertson (Greenock Morton)
80.  T. Hynds (Heart of Midlothian)
81.  J. Fraser (Dundee)
82.  W. McGran (Airdrieonians)
83.  P. Callaghan (Edinburgh Hibernian)
84.  H. Lock (Glasgow Rangers)
85.  R. Crumley (Dundee)
86.  J. Bache (Aston Villa)
87.  R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)
88.  P. McWilliam (Newcastle United)
89.  A. Bridgett (Sunderland)
90.  H. Maskery (Derby County - front; Bradford City - back)   -   amended 19-02-2021  -  thanks to Nigel (CardHawk)
91.  J. Lawrence (Newcastle United)
92.  A. Iremonger (Notts County)
93.  C. Veith (Newcastle United)
94.  J. Rutherford (Newcastle United)
95.  T.T. Fitchie (Glossop North End)
96.  D. McLeod (Middlesbrough)
97.  J. Lyall (Manchester City)
98.  G. Holley (Sunderland)
99.  L.R. Roose (Sunderland)
100.  H. Hampton (Aston Villa)
101.  A. Hall (Aston Villa)
102.  W. White (Everton)
103.  M. McEwan (Bolton Wanderers)
104.  J. Spiers (Bradford City)


  1. are any individual cards worth any money to a collector or mst it be the full set

    1. Hi Graham,

      You'll struggle to find a full set anywhere. Some cards are priced at £12.50 each on eBay and the Billy Meredith card currently stands at £21.50 with 3 people having bid on it so far.


  2. Hi Alan
    Should the date of this set not be 1909 as the date of "caps" won on the back of some of my cards include 1909?

    1. Hi,

      Yes, good point. Even the Colin Veitch card shown above includes reference to 1909, I didn't check as 1908 was always referred to as this issue date for this collection.



  3. Hello Alan,

    There seem to be two different varieties of print on the reverse side- some seem to be light blue and others a darker blue. I'm wondering if these differences are given any recognition.



    1. Hi Scott,

      The 1912 checklist includes the two variations but I've never seen anything recording two different shades of blue for this set.

  4. Hi Alan,

    Card #29 should be Sheffield Wednesday and not Sheffield Utd.

    Kind regards,


  5. Hi Alan,

    Card #90 has the club as Derby County FC to the front, and Bradford City to the rear. He moved between the clubs in 1909 so fits in nicely with the date of the set. I will send images separately.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Nigel,

      Thanks for the information, I'll update the checklist.




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