Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Panini / Bandai - Panini Football League 2014 - PFL05 (3)


Panini Football League 2014 - PFL05
Panini / Bandai
168 cards + 12 Limited Edition 'P' cards

There are a number of Limited Edition cards issued with a 'P' prefix. Ther are all Star or Star+ cards. Some are available as redemptions which can be claimed if you discover one of three different types of 'golden' tickets, similar to the one shown here. Thanks to Aya for supplying details about the first five cards in this collection.

PFL05 P001.  Eden Hazard  (エデン・アザール)   Star+  -  Starter Set
PFL05 P002.  Robin van Persie  (ロビン・ファン・ペルシー)   Star  -  Official Binder Set
PFL05 P003.  John Terry  (ジョン・テリー)   Star+  -  Official Binder Set
PFL05 P004.  Arjen Robben  (アリエン・ロッベン)   Star  -  Official Binder Set
PFL05 P005.  Gerard Pique  (ジェラール・ピケ)   Star+  -  Collect Box Premium Set
PFL05 P006.  Stephan El Sharawy  (ステファン・エル・シャーラウィ)   Star  -  7/11 stores
PFL05 P007.  Fernando Llorente  (フェルナンド・ジョレンテ)   Star  -  PFL online
PFL05 P008.  Gareth Bale  (ガレス・ベイル)   Star  -  PFL online
PFL05 P009.  Eden Hazard  (エデン・アザール)   Star  -  7/11 stores
PFL05 P010.  Edison Cavani  (エディソン・カバーニ)   Star  -  Lawson stores
PFL05 P011.  Mario Götze (マリオ・ゲッツェ)   Star  -  Lawson stores
PFL05 P012.  Marco Reus (マルコ・ロイス)   Star  -  PFL online

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