Saturday 15 February 2014

Jones Bros. - Spurs Footballers


Spurs Footballers
Jones Bros.

Spurs Footballers (large capitals)

Spurs Footballers (small capitals)
Spurs Footballers - 1986 reprint by Nostalgia Reprints

F. Bentley

D.H. Clark
T. Collins
E. Coquet
E. Crompton
J. Curtis
J. Darnell
T. Forman
E.J. Lightfoot
T.H. Lunn
J. McTavish
R. McTavish
H. Middlemiss
W. Minter
C.S. Rance
D. Steel
R. Steel
A. Young
Team Group, 1911/12


  1. Hello,
    The LCC catalogue has been listing two team-groups covering the 1910/11 and 1911/12 seasons.
    Have you any details on the Crawford's postcard size Tottenham players with the Jones stamp on them please?

    1. I have a list of about 50 Spurs postcards by Crawford, including a couple showing two players, but I've no idea how many, if any, are stamped on the back by Jones.



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