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Vincenzo Bartolo (Sliema, Malta) / Tysoo Cigarettes - Sliema Wanderers F.C. Footballers


Sliema Wanderers F.C. Footballers
Vincenzo Bartolo, Sliema / Tysoo Cigarettes

Roughly cut cards, not much is known about them. Any help with adding more details would be much appreciated. Each card includes a date giving the period the player was at the club.


J. Duncan (1908)
A. MacAlister (1919-1920)


  1. Dear All, the original name is VINCENZO BARTOLO from SLIEMA MALTA - 1908-1936
    regards to all

    1. Hi Norman,

      Thank you for letting me know, I'll amend it straight away.


  2. Tonio Farrugia14 June 2017 at 11:16

    Have all the names. They are all Sliema Wanderers players of the thirties. For example Oscar Sansone, Guzi (meaning Joseph in Maltese) Pace Tony Nicholl; Ernest Lowinger, Hans Kaburek etc. That McAllister the name is William but he played with Hamrun in the first league 1909-10. So he is not from the same collection of the Sliema players. Similarly Duncan. If you need send me a private message on my FB Page 'Malta and International Football Collection' I will give you full details on all players.

    1. Hi Tonio,

      Thank you for your comment. I tried and failed to contact you via your FB page.

      I would be grateful for any information you can provide on these very rare cigarette cards.

      Kind regards,


  3. Tonio Farrugia29 June 2017 at 08:15

    Ok – no problem. Apologies for the delay in my reply but did not notice your message on this page. In any case here are the names.

    Kelinu Azzopadi (Kelinu is Michael in Maltese) he was from Valletta but won the Cups with Sliema Wanderers. He played also for Valletta United and Hamrun Spartans.

    Effie Borg a Sliema Wanderers full back, later he played for St. George’s and Floriana (won the Trophy with Floriana in 1945 against his first love Sliema)

    Pawlu (Meaning Paul) Callus. Sliema signed him in 1935-36 from the amateur side Melita (founded by is-Sur Ġann Bencini)

    Robbie Decesare – He was later Sports Editor of the Times of Malta. His son Brian played for Hamrun in the seventies. His brother Dr. Maurice Decesare (another great Sliema player) as well as his father Peter Paul Decesare were both MFA Presidents for a while.

    J. Duncan – some say he was the first MFA President in 1900 but that is a myth – even the 1900 year of MFA foundation is a myth. I challenged this everywhere and no one came back with concrete replies. The MFA we have today was founded in 1913 with Major Balbi its first President. But never mind.

    Ġużi (meaning Joseph) Formosa nickname ‘Il-Kok’. Later he played for Valletta and St. Andrew’s of Luqa (not the St. Andrew’s we have today). The Luqa side was named St. Andrew’s because of the village patron saint. The St. Andrew’s we have today is a town which cropped up in the seventies when the British services left these islands. But never mind.

    Franz Freiberger made his debut with the Wanderers in season 36/37. His signing raised an eyebrow when primarily he had been contacted by Hibernians through their agent Herr Weiss. The player accepted to play for the Paolites however in the meantime Mr. Joe Gasan of Sliema Wanderers through the same agent Herr Weiss showed interest in the same player. Hibernians were informed that the player had changed his mind and to their surprise they saw him play for the Wanderers a few weeks later. Money talks. Gasan was a wealthy businessman and a Sliema supporter.

    Franz Frimmel – similar to Freiberger he was signed by Sliema in season 36/37from Neubau Wien of Austria.

    Ivica Gayer He was signed by Sliema in 1936-37 from HASK of Yugoslavia. Gayer had in fact played against the Wanderers some weeks before when the Maltese side was invited by Gradjanski to take part in a tourney organized to commemorate the 25th year of their existence.

    Guzi Gauci nickname ‘Is-Sissy’. He played his entire career with the Wanderers.

    Karmenu (meaning Charles in Maltese) Grech. He played in season 1934-35 with the Wanderers. The others above all played a season or two later. Sometimes in my research found him as E. Grech.

    Hans Kaburek - The Wanderers had thought that they had signed world famous Matthias Kaburek of the legendary Austrian Wunderteam fame but later it transpired that it was his brother Hans they were dealing about. In any case he had two good season with the Wanderers before being transferred to neighbours Sliema Rangers.

    Ernest Lowinger was signed from Libertas FC of Austria. He arrived with his wife on 17th October 1936 and a week later played for the Wanderers in a friendly against the Royal Artillery which the Wanderers won 12-1.

    McAllister – not from the same collection for sure as mentioned in my previous message. Have him as William McAllister (100% William is the name) and he played for Hamrun Spartans before the first World War.

    The great Tony Nicholl. He spent his entire career with Sliema Wanderers – from 1932 until 1957. His elder brother was Guzi Nicholl the Sliema goalkeeper and his nephew Sammy Nicholl another Sliema Wanderers stalwart of the fifties and sixties.

    Ġużi Pace. Besides playing for the Wanderers he played for Naxxar Lions after the war.

    Oscar Sansone nicknamed ‘Il-Figlio’. He played for Sliema Wanderers throughout his career. His grandson Matthew Naudi played for St. Andrew’s in the nineties.

    1. Hi Toni,

      Fascinating research, thank you very much for sharing all this information.



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