Saturday, 4 January 2014

J.C. Battock - (BEV-1-2/BAT-200) Football Cards - Coloured/Uncoloured backgrounds (01) - Coloured

BEV-1-2/BAT-200 Cricket & Football Cards ~ Coloured/Uncoloured backgrounds ~ Coloured
J.C. Battock
19 known

There are 8 different backs across all the Battock cards, it's quite possible that all cards are available with all the different back designs, but these cards are more difficult to find than the more familiar cards.
UPDATE (14-11-2021 16:21):  I have decided to do some housekeeping regarding these rare Battock cards. I am assuming that the coloured cards can also be found as uncoloured cards in the painting competition as the basic designs for the coloured cards and the uncoloured cards are the same. These cards were used for a painting competition and are rarer than the coloured version that can be seen here - J.C. Battock - (BEV-1-2/BAT-200) Football Cards - Coloured/Uncoloured backgrounds (02) - Uncoloured. Any images I find of the coloured cards will be added here.

Aston Villa
Birmingham   -   added 14-11-2021
Bradford City
Bristol City
Coventry City
Glasgow Rangers
Halifax Town
Manchester United
Oldham Athletic
Plymouth Argyle
Portsmouth   -   added 14-11-2021
Sheffield Wednesday

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