Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Daily Mirror - Goal Action Replay

Goal Action Replay
Daily Mirror
6 booklets

These are what are known as flicker books - they have photos printed on both sides of the pages and each book contains 64 pages. Flick the pages forward and see the action unfold before your eyes. Flick the pages back and you see another goal being scored.

Replay No. 1
Front - The Genius of George Best
Back - Charlie George v Gordon Banks

Replay No. 2
Front - The Centenary Cup Winner (Allan Clarke - Leeds United v Liverpool)
Back - (Francis) Lee at large!

Replay No. 3
Front - King Pele
Back - Bobby Charlton's Greatest Goal

Replay No. 4
Front - Did Geoff Hurst's World Cup Winner really cross the line?
Back - The Goal of the Year (Ron Radford - Hereford United)

Replay No. 5
Front - Incredible (Johan) Cruyff
Back - The Banana that beat Banks (George Armstrong - Arsenal)

Replay No. 6
Front - (Martin) Chivers in Charge!
Back - Eusebio's Rocket!

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  1. I used to have these. Before the days of video and wall-to-wall TV coverage of football, they were the only true football action 'footage' a young boy could get. Brilliant! (Sold them at a good price on eBay, by the way ...)


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