Friday, 3 January 2014

Anglo Confectionery / Match Gum - George Best

George Best
Anglo Confectionery / Match Gum

These first came to my attention when Nigel Mercer referenced them in one of his bimonthly newsletters available through his website - Galleries of English Football Cards. It seems that these gum wrappers are part of the reason why George Best never featured on A&BC or Topps football card after 1968 - he'd signed an exclusive deal with Anglo Confectionery. If true, he was probably the first player to protect his image rights in this way.
I am lead to believe that there are eight different wrappers, four different designs, each with two different slogans at the bottom.

George Best in Yellow sweater - - Match Gum - my favourite

George Best in Red Shirt, Looking Left - - Match Gum specially made for sports
George Best in Red Shirt, Looking Left - - Score with Match Gum it's a winner
George Best in Red Shirt, Looking Straight Ahead - - Chew Match Gum it's a winner
George Best in Casual Jacket - - Win your game with Match Gum
George Best  ?????
George Best  ?????
George Best  ?????


  1. Apparently all the players on the card sets were given a flat rate of £10. Bestie's agent decided wisely that his clients image was worth more than a tenner.

    1. I should think so too, and think of the poor agent - 10% of £10 isn't much, is it.


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