Sunday, 29 December 2013

Golden Wonder - GOI-1-2 Sporting All Stars

GOI-1-2 Sporting All Stars
Golden Wonder
24  cards (1 footballer)

Only one true footballer in this set, though Ian Botham turned out for Scunthorpe United. Issued in sheets of 4 cards. One of the sheets, probably the first one, has the set title as Soccer All Stars rather than Sporting All Stars.

1.  Niki Lauda (Motor Racing)
2.  Barry Sheene (Motor Cycling)
3.  Gareth Edwards (Rugby Union)
4.  John Curry (Figure Skating)
5.  Sharron Davies (Swimming)
6.  Donna Hartley (Athletics)
7.  Brendan Foster (Athletics)
8.  Jill Hammersley (Table Tennis)
9.  Ian Botham (Cricket)
10.  Alan Minter (Boxing)
11.  Phil Bennett (Rugby Union)
12.  Sonia Lannaman (Athletics)
13.  Peter Oosterhuis (Golf)
14.  Mike Brearley (Cricket)
15.  Mark Cox (Tennis)
16.  Geoff Hunt (Squash)
17.  John Conteh (Boxing)
18.  Nick Faldo (Golf)
19.  Jonah Barrington (Squash)
20.  Harvey Smith (Show Jumping)
21.  James Hunt (Motor Racing)
22.  David Gower (Cricket)
23.  Debbie Johnsey (Show Jumping)
24.  Kevin Keegan (Football)

GOI-1-2 Sporting All Stars - backs state 'Soccer All Stars'

2.  Barry Sheene (Motor Cycling)
5.  Sharron Davies (Swimming)
20.  Harvey Smith (Show Jumping)
23.  Debbie Johnsey (Show Jumping)

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