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W.D. & H.O. Wills (Flag Cigarettes, Scissors Cigarettes, United Service Cigarettes) - International Footballers 1909-10

International Footballers 1909-10
W.D. & H.O. Wills
67 cards

A really nice set of cards, each one available with four different backs, with the Flag Cigarettes type being the most difficult to find these days, along with the blank back version.
UPDATE (23-12-2022 08:04):  I have removed reference to the blank backed version as this now appears to be a different collection.

International Footballers 1909-10 - Flag Cigarettes
International Footballers 1909-10 - Scissors Cigarettes
International Footballers 1909-10 - United Service Cigarettes

International Footballers 1909-10 - Wales

H. Blew (Wrexham)
Llew Davies (Wrexham)
Lloyd Davies (Wrexham, now Everton)
W.C. Davies (Stoke, C. Palace, WBA)
R. Evans (Saltney Carriage Works, Wrexham, Aston Villa)  -  Sheffield United kit
E. Hughes (Wrexham, Nottingham Forest)
E. Jones (Trehafod, Aberdare Athletic, Chelsea)
J. Jones (Llandrindod Wells, Aston Villa, Northern Nomads)
J. Love Jones (card says L. Jones) (Stoke, Middlesbrough)
W. Lot Jones (card says Lot Jones) (Manchester City)
W. Meredith (Chirk, Manchester City, Manchester United)
A.G. Morris (Aberystwyth B., Swindon Town, Nottingham Forest)
C. Morris (Chirk, Derby County, now Huddersfield Town)
E. Peake (Aberystwyth, Liverpool)
L.R. Roose (Aberystwyth, London Welsh, Stoke, Everton, Sunderland)
G. Wynn (card says G. Wynne) (Chirk, Wrexham, Manchester City)

International Footballers 1909-10 - England

J.V. Bache (Beardley Victoria, Stourbridge, Aston Villa)
R. Bond (Preston North End, Bradford City)
W. Bradshaw (Blackburn Rovers)
A. Cowell (Blackburn St Peters, Nelson, Blackburn Rovers)
R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)
A. Ducat (Southend Athletic, Woolwich Arsenal)
H. Fleming (Swindon)
A.E. Hall (Brierley Hill Wanderers, Wallheath, Stourbridge, Aston Villa)
H.T.W. Hardinge (Maidstone United, Newcastle United, Sheffield United)
S. Hardy (Newbold White Star, Chesterfield, Liverpool)
G. Holley (Seaham White Star, Sunderland)
H. Makepeace (Everton)
H. Morley (Kiveton Park, Grimsby Town, Notts County)
J. Parkinson (Liverpool)
J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion)
G. Wall (Barnsley, Manchester United)
W. Wedlock (Arlington Rovers, Aberdare Athletic, Bristol City)
V.J. Woodward (Chelmsford, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea)

International Footballers 1909-10 - Ireland

J. Balfe (Bohemians, Shelbourne)
S. Burnison (Belfast Distillery)
J. Darling (Linfield)
V. Harris (Pembroke Emeralds, Shelbourne, Everton) (card says England)   -   amended 24-02-2018
W. Lacey (Lansdown, Shelbourne, Everton) (card says England)   -   amended 24-02-2018
P. McCann (Belfast Celtic)
E. McConnell (Cliftonville, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Chelsea)
J. Murphy (Bradford City)
J. Murray (Motherwell)
J.M. Murray (Shettleston, Motherwell, Sheffield Wednesday)
J.C. O'Hehir (Dublin Bohemians)
W.T. Renneville (Leyton, Aston Villa)
W. Scott (Suffolk, Linfield, Everton)
F. Thompson (Cliftonville)

International Footballers 1909-10 - Scotland

A. Aitken (Newcastle United, Middlesbrough, Leicester Fosse)
A. Bennett (Celtic, Rangers)
J. Brownlie (Third Lanark)
A. Devine (Falkirk)
J. Hay (Glasgow Celtic)
A. Higgins (Newcastle United)
G. Law (Glasgow Rangers)
W. Loney (Glasgow Celtic)
J. McMenemy (Glasgow Celtic)
A. McNair (Glasgow Celtic)
A. McTavish (Falkirk)
P. McWilliam (Newcastle United)
J. Mitchell (Kilmarnock)
J. Quinn (Glasgow Celtic)
G. Robertson (Motherwell)
G.L. Sinclair (card says T. Sinclair) (Heart of Midlothian)
R. Templeton (Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Woolwich Arsenal)
C. Thomson (Hearts, Sunderland)
W. Walker (Clyde)


  1. I would agree with your comments, Alan. I have the 'Scissors' and 'United Service' cards of W. Morris, but can't find the 'Flag' variant for love nor money!

    1. Yes, they're very hard to find. I haven't seen any for some years.

  2. I have cards where Billy Lacey and Val Harris are listed as playing for England instead of Ireland. Are these rare and did correct cards get printed?

  3. I have cards stating that Billy Lacey and Val Harris played for England, instead of Ireland. Are these rare, and were correct cards printed?

    1. Hi,

      That's interesting. I don't always have the luxury of seeing all the cards when compiling a checklist, especially for older cards like these. Both Bill Lacey and Val Harris were Irish internationals and never played for England. I presume the cards are errors that went uncorrected. I'll add scans of both cards to my blog, perhaps there's a collector out there who can confirm one way or the other.


  4. Hi Alan

    R. Evans (Wales) played most of his career for Sheffield United (1908-1915). On this card, he is shown in his Sheffield United kit and the 1910 date fits this.



    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your input. I've got another post showing an illustrated checklist of the Wales and listing all the known clubs each of the players played for throughout their careers, a much more extensive list than can be found in their wikipedia pages.

  5. Hi Alan
    H.T.W. Hardinge (England) played for Sheffield Uniter not Wednesday.


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