Wednesday, 1 January 2014

William Clarke & Sons - Sporting Terms

Sporting Terms
William Clarke & Sons
50 cards (14 Cricket, 12 Cycling, 12 Football, 12 Golf)

Of the 12 football cards most are rugby, and some can be rather ambiguous, 'Forward' for example. The cards are multi-backed as can be seen by some of the examples shown here. As usual the cards shown are not to scale.

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A Drop Over The Bar (Rugby)
A High Kick-Off (Rugby)
A Scrimmage Near The Line (Rugby)
Dark Blue Forwards, Light Blue Backs (Rugby)
Full Back 
Half Back 
Inside Left 
Inside Right 
Touch Down (Rugby)
Well Tackled (Rugby)


  1. How about a COMPLETE list of what card is what sport?

    1. I only have information on the football cards. Most are rugby, 'Forward', 'Full Back' and 'Half Back' could be rugby or football, whilst 'Inside Left', 'Inside Right' and 'Socker' can only be football.


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