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Boys' Magazine - BOY-530-2/BPM-10.1 Footballers ~ Metal Lapel Badges

BOY-530-2 / BPM-10.1 Footballers ~ Metal Lapel Badges
Boys' Magazine
12 metal badges

Lapel badges given away with Boys' Magazine in 1926.
UPDATE (04-12-2015): An e-mail from Jim Donnelly reminded me that there was an error in this list that I had failed to correct. Joe Smith and Andy Wilson replace erroneously duplicated player names.

Charlie Buchan (Arsenal)    -    issue no. 236,  dated 11 September, 1926
W.H. Walker (Aston Villa)    -    issue no. 237,  dated 18 September, 1926
W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)    -    issue no. 238,  dated 25 September, 1926
Joe Smith (Bolton Wanderers)    -    issue no. 239,  dated 2 October, 1926  -  amended thanks to Nigel
Andy Wilson (Chelsea)    -    issue no. 240,  dated 9 October, 1926
A. Cunningham (Rangers)    -    issue no. 241,  dated 16 October, 1926
J. Carter (West Bromwich Albion)    -    issue no. 242,  dated 23 October, 1926
H. Gallacher (Newcastle United)    -    issue no. 243,  dated 30 October, 1926
J. Dimmock (Tottenham Hotspur)    -    issue no. 244,  dated 6 November, 1926
W. Davies (Cardiff City)    -    issue no. 245,  dated 13 November, 1926
Clem Stephenson (Huddersfield Town)    -    issue no. 246,  dated 20 November, 1926
J. McMullan (Manchester City)     -    issue no. 247,  dated 27 November, 1926


  1. I have the Clem Stephenson badge from this series. It's not in as good a condition as yours, but still very, very rare.

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  3. I have the William Gillespie sheffield united badge it cost me £70. On eBay but it's the earliest known sheffield united badge and extremely rare. You only get once chance to own a badge this rare.

    1. Hi David,

      Congratulations, I've got the Cardiff City one too. You don't seem them up for sale very often. £70 seems a fair price.



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