Monday 25 November 2013

Glasgow Evening Times - Wall-Pics (2)

Glasgow Evening Times
Unknown number

The Glasgow Evening Citzen and the Glasgow Evening Times regularly gave away inserts with their newspapers through most of the 1960s. I've shown examples of the Starpix series issued by the Evening Citizen and these are some of the Wall-Pics issued by the Evening Times. There seem to be a number of different designs which is indicative of the long period during which they were issued. The quality of the illustrations is not good but they are very rare.

B. McNeill - Centre Half (Celtic)
Billy McNeill (Celtic)
Billy McNeill (Celtic)
Davie Wilson (Rangers)
Harry Hood (Celtic)
J. Clark - Right Half (Celtic)
J. Johnstone - Outside Right (Celtic)
J. Kennedy - Left Half (Celtic)
Jim Baxter (Rangers)
Jim Forrest (Rangers)
Jim Johnstone (Celtic)
Jimmy Johnstone (Celtic)
John Grieg (Rangers)
John Hughes (Celtic)
Johnny Divers (Celtic)
Ralph Brand (Rangers)
Rangers FC
S. Chalmers - Centre Forward (Celtic)
Steve Chalmers (Celtic)
T. Gemmell - Left Back (Celtic)
Willie Henderson (Rangers)
Willie Mathieson (Rangers)
Willie Wallace (Celtic)

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