Wednesday 27 November 2013

Amalgamated Press / The Champion - AMC-31 Autographs (2)

AMC-31 Autographs (Sportsmen, film stars, airmen, etc.)
Amalgamated Press / The Champion

I have details for three of the sheets for this collection, all numbering is for reference purposes only.

The Champion - No. 696, dated 1 June, 1935

1.  AUTOGRAPH: Jack Payne, Dance Band Leader
2.  AUTOGRAPH: Len Harvey, Boxer
3.  AUTOGRAPH: Jack Parker, Speedway
4.  AUTOGRAPH: Capt. George Eyston, Motor Racer
5.  AUTOGRAPH: Sir Alan Cobham, Air Ace
6.  AUTOGRAPH: Freddie Fox, Jockey
7.  AUTOGRAPH: M. Tate, Sussex Cricketer
8.  AUTOGRAPH: J.L. Baird, TV Inventor
9.  AUTOGRAPH: H.W. Austin, Tennis
10.  AUTOGRAPH: H. Roberts, Arsenal Footballer
11.  PHOTO: C.W.A. Scott, Air Racer
12.  PHOTO: Vic Huxley, Speedway
13.  PHOTO: Jack Petersen, Boxer
14.  PHOTO: Gordon Richards, Jockey

The Champion - No. 697, dated 8 June, 1935

1.  AUTOGRAPH: Leonard Henry, Radio Comedian
2.  AUTOGRAPH: Syd Jackson, Speedway
3.  AUTOGRAPH: Bernard Carslake, Jockey
4.  AUTOGRAPH: Flt-Lt. H.M. Schofield Air Racer
5.  AUTOGRAPH: W. Sparshatt, Driver Of LNER Record-Breaking Train
6.  AUTOGRAPH: James Guthrie, Motorcyclist
7.  AUTOGRAPH: H. Verity, Yorkshire Cricketer
8.  AUTOGRAPH: B.C. Gadney, English Rugby Player
9.  AUTOGRAPH: Fred Dixon, Motor Racer
10.  AUTOGRAPH: James McGrory, Celtic Footballer
11.  PHOTO: Jack Payne, Dance Band Leader
12.  PHOTO: Fred Perry, Tennis
13.  PHOTO: Ben Foord, Boxer
14.  PHOTO: Tom Farndon, Speedway

The Champion - Sheet 3

1.  AUTOGRAPH: C.W.A. Scott, Air Racer
2.  AUTOGRAPH: Vic Huxley, Speedway
3.  AUTOGRAPH: Jack Hobbs, Surrey Cricketer
4.  AUTOGRAPH: Ralph Lynn, Film Actor
5.  AUTOGRAPH: Fred Perry, Tennis
6.  AUTOGRAPH: Henry Hall, Dance Band Leader
7.  AUTOGRAPH: Jack Petersen, Boxer
8.  AUTOGRAPH: Earl Howe, Motor Racer
9.  AUTOGRAPH: Gordon Richards, Jockey
10.  AUTOGRAPH: R. Starling, Sheffield Wednesday Footballer
11.  PHOTO: R. Starling, Sheffield Wednesday Footballer
12.  PHOTO: Henry Hall, Dance Band Leader
13.  PHOTO: Jack Parker, Speedway
14.  PHOTO: Buck Jones, Film Star

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