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Evening Mail-Sports Argus - EVE-200-1 / Souvenir Series 1968/69

EVE-200-1 / Souvenir Series 1968/69
Evening Mail-Sports Argus

Following on from the previous season the Evening Mail-Sports Argus issued another collection of Midland Clubs' team groups.

1.  Aston Villa FC
Barry Lynch, Chris Robbins, Trevor Bourne, Bobby Park, Fred Pedley (Physiotherapist), David Coates (Coach), Oscar Arce, Lionel Martin, David Rudge, Malcolm Musgrove (Assistant Manager), Charlie Aitken, John Chambers, Dick Edwards, Colin Withers, Lew Chatterley, John Dunn, John Woodward, Fred Turnbull, Brian Greenhalgh, Arthur Cox (Trainer), Mick Wright, Brian Godfrey, Willie Anderson, Tommy Mitchinson, Tommy Cummings (Manager), Mike Ferguson, Alan Deakin, Peter Broadbent, Keith Bradley, Brian Sheasby, David Reardon, John Griffiths, Terry Brown
2.  Brmingham City FC
Gary Pendry, Colin Green, Denis Thwaites, Malcolm Page , Geoff Vowden, Malcolm Beard, Phil Summerhill, Jim Herriot, Brian Sharples, John Sleeuwenhoek, Micky Darrell, Winston Foster, Trevor Hockey, Ray Martin, Ron Wylie (Captain), Fred Pickering, Bert Murray, John Vincent
3.  Coventry City FC
Dave Clements, Neil Martin, Dietmar Bruck, Maurice Setters, John Tudor, Mick Coop, Trevor Shepherd, Brian Hill, George Curtis, Bill Glazier, Chris Cattlin, Jeff Blockley, Mick Kearns , Ernie Hannnigan, Ian Gibson, Willie Carr, Noel Cantwell (Manager), Gerry Baker, Ernie Hunt, Ernie Machin
4.  Walsall FC
Alan Baker, John Harris, Stan Jones, Alf Biggs, Trevor Meath, Jim Murray, John Burckitt, Roy Cross, Mick Evans, Bob Wesson, Phil Parkes, Keith Ball, Stan Bennett, Jimmy McEwan (Trainer), Geoff Morris, Nick Atthey, Tommy Watson, Ron Lewin (Manager), Mick Tindall, Colin Harrison, Frank Gregg
5.  West Bromwich Albion FC
Alan Merrick, Bobby Hope, Jeff Astle, Tony Brown, Nick Krzywicki, Rick Sheppard, John Talbut, Ronnie Rees, Doug Frazer, John Kaye, Graham Williams, Asa Hartford
6.  Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Derek Clarke, John McAlle, Derek Dougan, Ron Bradley (Trainer), Bobby Thompson, Derek Parkin, Alun Evans, John Farrington, Frank Munro, Phil Parkes, Evan Williams, David Galvin, Gerry Taylor, David Woodfield, Ronnie Allen (Manager), Peter Knowles, Mike Kenning, David Wagstaffe, Frank Wignall, Mike Bailey, John Holsgrove, Gerry Summers (Coach)

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