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Bowater-Scott / Scotties - BOW-040/BOT-2 Scotties Famous Football Teams Series 1

BOW-040/BOT-2 Scotties Famous Football Teams Series 1
Bowater-Scott / Scotties
9 cards

9 postcard-sized (6" x 4") cards. Marked as Series 1 on the back, but I am unaware of any further series. Perhaps they didn't get the response they thought they'd get when they were issued and decided against a second series.

Arsenal FC
R. Gould, G. Graham, P. Simpson, J. Sammels, J. Furnell, B. Wilson, D. Jenkins, P. Storey, G. Armstrong, D. Court, P. Rice, T. Neill, J. Radford, I. Ure, F. McLintock, R. McNab

Leeds United FC
Paul Madeley, Mike O'Grady, David Harvey, Gary Sprake, Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter, Albert Johanneson, Rod Belfitt, Mick Jones, Terry Hibbitt, Eddie Gray, Peter Lorimer, Don Revie (Manager), Paul Reaney, Terry Cooper, Johnny Giles, Billy Bremner, Jimmy Greenhoff (now with Birmingham City), Mick Bates, Les Cocker (Trainer)

Manchester City FC
George Heslop, Tony Book, Alan Oakes, Ken Mulhearn, Mick Doyle, Glyn Pardoe, D. Ewing (Trainer), David Connor, Francis Lee, Mike Summerbee, Neil Young, Tony Coleman

Manchester United FC
Bill Foulkes, John Aston, Jimmy Rimmer, Alex Stepney, Alan Gowling, David Herd (now with Stoke City), David Sadler, Tony Dunne, Shay Brennan, Pat Crerand, George Best, Francis Burns, Jack Crompton (Trainer), Jim Ryan, Nobby Stiles, Denis Law, Sir Matt Busby (Manager), Bobby Charlton, Brian Kidd, John Fitzpatrick

Newcastle United FC
Ollie Burton, Frank Clark, John McNamee, Gordon Marshall, David Craig, Bobby Moncur, David Elliott, Jackie Sinclair, Jim Iley, Albert Bennett, Bryan 'Pop' Robson, Tom Robson

Nottingham Forest FC
Bob Chapman, Peter Hindley, Peter Grummitt, Tommy Cavanagh (Trainer/Coach), Brian Williamson, Dave Hilley, Jim Baxter, John Winfield, Henry Newton, Barry Lyons, John Barnwell, Bob McKinlay, Terry Hennessey, Ian Storey-Moore,  Billy Taylor, John Brindley, Joe Baker

Southampton FC
Jimmy Gabriel, David Paton, David Walker, Gerry Gurr, Eric Martin, Ken Jones, Joe Kirkup, George Horsfall (Trainer), Frank Saul, Bob McCarthy, Mick Channon, John McGrath, Hugh Fisher, Jimmy Melia, Tony Byrne, John Mortimore (Trainer), Denis Hollywood, David Thompson, Ron Davies, Ted Bates (Manager), Terry Paine, Fred Kemp, John Sydenham

Tottenham Hotspur FC
Jimmy Pearce, Phil Beal, Phil Collins, Mike England, Pat Jennings, Martin Chivers, Cyril Knowles, Alan Gilzean, Joe Kinnear, Dennis Bond, Jimmy Robertson, Jimmy Greaves, Alan Mullery, Terry Venables, Cliff Jones, Tony Want

West Bromwich Albion FC
Graham Lovett, Eddie Colquhuon, Ray Wilson, Dick Sheppard, Stuart Williams (Trainer), John Kaye, John Osborne, Clive Clark, Jeff Astle, Dennis Clarke, Bobby Hope, Doug Fraser, Tony Brown, Graham Williams, John Talbut, Ian Collard, Ronnie Rees, Asa Hartford

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