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Amalgamated Press / The Champion - Unknown Autograph booklet (2)

Unknown Autograph booklet
Amalgamated Press / The Champion

Paul Briers (brentfordfcmemorabilia) has sent in scans of the reverse sides of the pages shown in the previous post relating to this item.

"International Footballers" is on page 29. The corresponding autos are on page 28. Now, on the back of the printed autographs - of McCulloch, Davis, Young, Dawson and Murphy - on page 28, there is another page of autos which you haven't listed on your website, should've sent this earlier! On page 27 it says " match tourists" with 7 printed autos on it, I'm assuming it could be "cricket test match tourists"?? I've attached a picture.
The back of page 29, is page 30, which has the autos as you've listed, Brown, Munro, Crooks, Jones & Catlin. Page attached too.
So somewhere is another booklet of at least 30 pages and probably as many as 52 pages as the other "Photographs and Autographs" booklet. I hope this may help?

The Test Match autographs are some of the New Zealand 1937 tourists.

I think it nails down the release as being some time in the second half of 1937.

Tommy Farr (Boxer)
Jack Doyle (Boxer)

L. van Pragg (Wembley Lions - Speedway)
J. Milne (New Cross Rangers - Speedway)
G. Newton (New Cross Rangers - Speedway)
W. Kitchen (Belle Vue Aces - Speedway)

Football Goalgetters
J. Payne (Luton Town)
Morrison (Tottenham Hotspur)
Mangnall (Millwall)
Kirchen (Arsenal)

Mitchell (Yorkshire - Cricket)
Clay (Glamorgan - Cricket)
Sinfield (Gloucestershire - Cricket)
Gover (Surrey - Cricket)
Gimblett (Somerset - Cricket)

Race Track Speed Demons
Billy Cotton
Austin Dobson
A.W. Denley
Sir Malcolm Campbell

Gardner & Rose (Airmen)
Dr. Eckner (Airmen)
Mollison (Airmen)
Llewellyn (Airmen)

pages 26/27 - Cricket's Test Match Tourists
pre-printed autographs of the New Zealand Tourists:
Bill Carson (page 27)
Jack Dunning (page 27)
Walter Hadlee (page 27)
Jack Lamason (page 27)
Albert Roberts (page 27)
Eric Tindill (page 27)

Lindsay Weir (page 27)

pages 28/29 - International Footballers
T.L. Davis (Oldham Athletic)
A. Young (Huddersfield Town)
J. Dawson (Glasgow Rangers)
J. Murphy (West Bromwich Albion)
D. McCulloch (Brentford)

pages 30/31 - International Footballers 2
J. Brown (Coventry City)
B. Jones (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
S.D. Crooks (Derby County)
A.E. Catlin (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Munro (Blackpool)

Paynter (Lancashire - Cricket)
Sutcliffe (Yorkshire - Cricket)
Nichols (Essex - Cricket)
Keeton (Nottinghamshire - Cricket)
Langridge (Sussex - Cricket)

T. Weston (Jockey)
B. Hobbs (Jockey)
E. Williams (Jockey)
P. Beasley (Jockey)

G.I. Rampling (Athlete)

Wooderson/Peel (Liner Capt.)
Thoreux (Liner Capt.)

J. Ormston (Harringay Tigers - Speedway)
Francis (Speedway)
E. Langton (Belle Vue Aces - Speedway)
G. Lees (Wembley Lions - Speedway)
Milne (Speedway)

Brecknell (GWR Train Driver)
Samwells (LNER Train Driver)
West (LNER Train Driver)
Taylor (LNER Train Driver)
Parsons (GWR Train Driver)

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