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Ginners Left Foot fanzine - York City F.C. Top Trumps Card Game / Hot Trumps (2)

2002 & 2006
York City F.C. Top Trumps Card Game / Hot Trumps
Ginners Left Foot fanzine
20 Hot Trumps, 42 + 2

Andrew (aka Daley Mayall) has been in touch again regarding these two sets, completing the checklists for the 42 card set (with one additional card added after the original release) and the Hot Trumps cards that featured in the Ginners Left Foot fanzine.
No problem, glad to help. Just a bit more info for you... 
Re. York City Top Trumps...
There were initially 42 cards produced, you are correct. Another card was added to the pack after a request from ex-player Chris Jones's daughter. Chris used to play for City in the 1970's and is now a co-commentator on BBC Radio York for City's matches. She wanted to buy a pack of York City Top Trumps for her dad for his birthday, until she realised he didn't feature! Suffice to say, I added his name to those featured in the pack, especially for her, and subsequent buyers.
Although I don't make these cards currently, I have not ruled out the prospect of producing a further set of York City Top Trumps featuring other players and bringing the pack number up to 50 or 60, this will depend on costs and if there's a demand for them. I may make this a project for 2014.
You now have the full information you need!! ;-)
Regards, Andrew (aka Daley Mayall), GLF (Ginners Left Foot)

York City Hot Trumps - Ginners Left Foot  #4 - 10-2002

Chris Brass
Peter Duffield
Bootham Crescent
Douglas Craig
Terry Dolan
Vauxhall VX 220

York City Hot Trumps - Ginners Left Foot   #5 - 12-2002

‘Super’ Alan Fettis
Jon Parkin
Fantasy Stadium
York City Vodka & Gin
Keith Walwyn
Club Vauxhall Corsa

York City Hot Trumps - Ginners Left Foot  #6 - 10-2002

Wayne Hall
Dodsworths Team Coach

York City Hot Trumps - Ginners Left Foot  #7 - 10-2002

Collection Bucket
Steve Beck
The Water Tank
Yorkie The Lion
Loan Player
McGill Family Sunbed

York City F.C. Top Trumps Card Game

Paul Aimson
Paul Barnes
Arthur Bottom
Chris Brass
Gordon Brown
Phil Burrows
John Byrne
Tony Canham
Graeme Crawford (extra card)
Billy Fenton
Alan Fettis
Gary Ford
Tommy Forgan
Wayne Hall
Ian Holmes
Derek Hood
Keith Houchen
George Howe
Billy Hughes
Barry Jackson
Chris Jones (extra card)
Roger Jones
Dean Kiely
John MacPhail
Jon McCarthy
Ian McDonald
Andy McMillan
Alf Patrick
Matt Patrick
Nigel Pepper
Ernie Phillips
Brian Pollard
Andy Provan
Ricky Sbragia
Jimmy Seal
Ron Spence
Alan Stewart
Sid Storey
Barry Swallow
Chris Topping
Steve Tutill
Keith Walwyn
Norman Wilkinson
Peter Wragg

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