Friday, 15 January 2016

Misch & Co. - Football Terms ~ Series 4130 (Postcards)

1904 approx.
Football Terms ~ Series 4130 (Postcards)
Misch & Co.
6 postcards

Another set of 6 postcards, these illustrations were painted by Fred S. Howard. I still haven't been able to find a good enough photo of the fifth card shown here (players with blue and yellow striped shirts with white shorts against those in black and white shirts and black shorts).

UPDATE (01-06-2018 12:08):  Phil Martin has provided numbers for the postcards and identified the one missing from the list.

29476.  A Throw In
29477.  A Sound Defence
29478.  A Spill
29479.  A Neat Pass
29480.  Well Cleared
29481.  Goal


  1. Alan,

    Just to complete this list and add in the ref nos....

    A Throw In (29476)
    A Sound Defence (29477)
    A Spill (29478)
    A Neat Pass (29479)
    Well Cleared (29480)
    Goal (29481)



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