Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Maidenhead United F.C. - Maidenhead United ~ Magpie Greats playing cards

Maidenhead United ~ Magpie Greats playing cards
Maidenhead United F.C.
54 cards

Some time ago I included some information on a pack of playing cards issued by Maidstone United. Mark Smith has been in touch to let me know this information is incorrect, the club that issued the playing cards was Maidenhead United. The club issued them to mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of the club in 1870.
The club took part in the first ever F.A. Cup competition in 1871-72, after beating Marlow they lost to Crystal Palace in the second round. The following season they reached the semi-final of sorts, losing to Oxford University.
Mark has kindly supplied photos of all the relevant cards. The packs were issued as a limited edition with only 125 being made available.

2♠-10♠.  ---
J♠.  Derek Gee
Q♠.  Maidenhead United badge
K♠.  Geoff Lambden
A♠.  Maidenhead United badge

2♦-10♦.  ---
J♦.  Jack Deverall
Q♦.  Maidenhead United badge 
K♦.  Bert Randall
A♦.  Edgar Woodford

2♣-10♣.  ---
J♣.  George Robinson
Q♣.  Maidenhead United badge
K♣.  Bill Robins
A♣.  Cliff Welford

2♥-10♥.  ---
J♥.  Brian Pitts
Q♥.  Magpie Greats Title card - Signed Numbered Edition
K♥.  George Copas
A♥.  Mick Chatterton

Joker.  Cartoon
Information card

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