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Merlin - Premier League 95 (04) - Large stickers

Premier League 95
396 stickers

Merlin ran on offer during the life of this collection whereby fans could select a team of 11 players from the regular player stickers in the collection that were laid on board and framed. I bought a number of these to get all the stickers that I needed at the time. These stickers are larger than the regular ones, measuring 62 x 78mm. I opened up the frames and carefully removed the stickers to add them to my collection. As they were stuck to the display they don't come with the usual backing paper.

5.  David Seaman (Arsenal)
6.  Lee Dixon (Arsenal)
7.  Nigel Winterburn (Arsenal)
8.  Andy Linighan (Arsenal)
9.  Tony Adams (Arsenal)
10.  Martin Keown (Arsenal)
11.  Eddie McGoldrick (Arsenal)
12.  John Jensen (Arsenal)
13.  David Hillier (Arsenal)
14.  Ray Parlour (Arsenal)
15.  Ian Wright (Arsenal)
16.  Paul Merson (Arsenal)
17.  Alan Smith (Arsenal)
18.  Kevin Campbell (Arsenal)
19.  Steve Bould (Arsenal)
20.  Ian Selley (Arsenal)
21.  Paul Dickov (Arsenal)
22.  Stefan Schwarz (Arsenal)

29.  Nigel Spink (Aston Villa)
30.  Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa)
31.  Earl Barrett (Aston Villa)
32.  Steve Staunton (Aston Villa)
33.  Shaun Teale (Aston Villa)
34.  Paul McGrath (Aston Villa)
35.  Andy Townsend (Aston Villa)
36.  Kevin Richardson (Aston Villa)
37.  Ray Houghton (Aston Villa)
38.  Garry Parker (Aston Villa)
39.  Guy Whittingham (Aston Villa)
40.  Dean Saunders (Aston Villa)
41.  Dalian Atkinson (Aston Villa)
42.  Dwight Yorke (Aston Villa)
43.  Phil King (Aston Villa)
44.  John Fashanu (Aston Villa)
45.  Ugo Ehiogu (Aston Villa)
46.  Nil Lamptey (Aston Villa)

53.  Tim Flowers (Blackburn Rovers)
54.  Mark Atkins (Blackburn Rovers)
55.  Colin Hendry (Blackburn Rovers)
56.  Graeme Le Saux (Blackburn Rovers)
57.  Henning Berg (Blackburn Rovers)
58.  Ian Pearce (Blackburn Rovers)
59.  Nick Marker (Blackburn Rovers)
60.  Tony Gale (Blackburn Rovers)
61.  Robbie Slater (Blackburn Rovers)
62.  Tim Sherwood (Blackburn Rovers)
63.  Paul Warhurst (Blackburn Rovers)
64.  David Batty (Blackburn Rovers)
65.  Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers)
66.  Stuart Ripley (Blackburn Rovers)
67.  Kevin Gallacher (Blackburn Rovers)
68.  Mike Newell (Blackburn Rovers)
69.  Jason Wilcox (Blackburn Rovers)
70.  Chris Sutton (Blackburn Rovers)

77.  Dimitri Kharine (Chelsea)
78.  Jakob Kjeldberg (Chelsea)
79.  Erland Johnsen (Chelsea)
80.  Steve Clark (Chelsea)
81.  Darren Barnard (Chelsea)
82.  Frank Sinclair (Chelsea)
83.  Scott Minto (Chelsea)
84.  Gavin Peacock (Chelsea)
85.  Craig Burley (Chelsea)
86.  Nigel Spackman (Chelsea)
87.  David Rocastle (Chelsea)
88.  David Hopkin (Chelsea)
89.  Paul Furlong (Chelsea)
90.  Neil Shipperley (Chelsea)
91.  Mark Stein (Chelsea)
92.  Dennis Wise (Chelsea)
93.  John Spencer (Chelsea)
94.  Eddie Newton (Chelsea)

101.  Steve Ogrizovic (Coventry City)
102.  Jonathan Gould (Coventry City)
103.  Steve Morgan (Coventry City)
104.  Brian Borrows (Coventry City)
105.  Julian Darby (Coventry City)
106.  Dave Busst (Coventry City)
107.  David Rennie (Coventry City)
108.  Ally Pickering (Coventry City)
109.  Paul Cook (Coventry City)
110.  John Williams (Coventry City)
111.  Willie Boland (Coventry City)
112.  Sean Flynn (Coventry City)
113.  Cobi Jones (Coventry City)
114.  Peter Ndlovu (Coventry City)
115.  Mick Quinn (Coventry City)
116.  Roy Wegerle (Coventry City)
117.  Leigh Jenkinson (Coventry City)
118.  Dion Dublin (Coventry City)

125.  Nigel Martyn (Crystal Palace)
126.  Dean Gordon (Crystal Palace)
127.  Gareth Southgate (Crystal Palace)
128.  Eric Young (Crystal Palace)
129.  Chris Coleman (Crystal Palace)
130.  Simon Rodger (Crystal Palace)
131.  Richard Shaw (Crystal Palace)
132.  John Humphrey (Crystal Palace)
133.  Darren Patterson (Crystal Palace)
134.  Darren Pitcher (Crystal Palace)
135.  Paul Williams (Crystal Palace)
136.  Damian Matthew (Crystal Palace)
137.  Bobby Bowry (Crystal Palace)
138.  Ricky Newman (Crystal Palace)
139.  Andy Preece (Crystal Palace)
140.  Chris Armstrong (Crystal Palace)
141.  Bruce Dyer (Crystal Palace)
142.  John Salako (Crystal Palace)

149.  Neville Southall (Everton)
150.  Matthew Jackson (Everton)
151.  Andy Hinchcliffe (Everton)
152.  Dave Watson (Everton)
153.  Gary Ablett (Everton)
154.  Joe Parkinson (Everton)
155.  David Burrows (Everton)
156.  Barry Horne (Everton)
157.  Ian Snodin (Everton)
158.  Vinnie Samways (Everton)
159.  John Ebrell (Everton)
160.  Anders Limpar (Everton)
161.  Graham Stuart (Everton)
162.  Paul Rideout (Everton)
163.  Brett Angell (Everton)
164.  David Unsworth (Everton)
165.  Stuart Barlow (Everton)
166.  Daniel Amokachi (Everton)

173.  Craig Forrest (Ipswich Town)
174.  John Wark (Ipswich Town)
175.  David Linighan (Ipswich Town)
176.  Phil Whelan (Ipswich Town)
177.  Frank Yallop (Ipswich Town)
178.  Eddie Youds (Ipswich Town)
179.  Mauricio Taricho (Ipswich Town)
180.  Paul Mason (Ipswich Town)
181.  Mick Stockwell (Ipswich Town)
182.  Geraint Williams (Ipswich Town)
183.  Simon Milton (Ipswich Town)
184.  Steve Palmer (Ipswich Town)
185.  Steve Sedgley (Ipswich Town)
186.  Adrian Paz (Ipswich Town)
187.  Ian Marshall (Ipswich Town)
188.  Stuart Slater (Ipswich Town)
189.  Chris Kiwomya (Ipswich Town)
190.  Bontcho Guentchev (Ipswich Town)

197.  John Lukic (Leeds United)
198.  Mark Beeney (Leeds United)
199.  Tony Dorigo (Leeds United)
200.  Chris Fairclough (Leeds United)
201.  David Wetherall (Leeds United)
202.  Carlton Palmer (Leeds United)
203.  John Pemberton (Leeds United)
204.  Nigel Worthington (Leeds United)
205.  Gary Kelly (Leeds United)
206.  Gary McAllister (Leeds United)
207.  Mark Tinkler (Leeds United)
208.  Gordon Strachan (Leeds United)
209.  Gary Speed (Leeds United)
210.  Philomen Masinga (Leeds United)
211.  Rod Wallace (Leeds United)
212.  Brian Deane (Leeds United)
213.  Noel Whelan (Leeds United)
214.  David White (Leeds United)

221.  Gavin Ward (Leicester City)
222.  Kevin Poole (Leicester City)
223.  Simon Grayson (Leicester City)
224.  Mike Whitlow (Leicester City)
225.  Jimmy Willis (Leicester City)
226.  Steve Walsh (Leicester City)
227.  Colin Hill (Leicester City)
228.  Nicky Mohan (Leicester City)
229.  Richard Smith (Leicester City)
230.  Steve Agnew (Leicester City)
231.  Mark Blake (Leicester City)
232.  Neil Lewis (Leicester City)
233.  Mark Draper (Leicester City)
234.  Phil Gee (Leicester City)
235.  Julian Joachim (Leicester City)
236.  Iwan Roberts (Leicester City)
237.  Lee Philpott (Leicester City)
238.  David Lowe (Leicester City)

245.  David James (Liverpool)
246.  Rob Jones (Liverpool)
247.  Mark Wright (Liverpool)
248.  Neil Ruddock (Liverpool)
249.  Stig Inge Bjornebye (Liverpool)
250.  Dominic Matteo (Liverpool)
251.  Phil Babb (Liverpool)
252.  John Scales (Liverpool)
253.  Steve Nicol (Liverpool)
254.  Jan Molby (Liverpool)
255.  Jamie Redknapp (Liverpool)
256.  Michael Thomas (Liverpool)
257.  Steve Harkness (Liverpool)
258.  Steve McManaman (Liverpool)
259.  Robbie Fowler (Liverpool)
260.  John Barnes (Liverpool)
261.  Ian Rush (Liverpool)
262.  Nigel Clough (Liverpool)

269.  Tony Coton (Manchester City)
270.  Andy Hill (Manchester City)
271.  Terry Phelan (Manchester City)
272.  Keith Curle (Manchester City)
273.  Michel Vonk (Manchester City)
274.  Richard Edghill (Manchester City)
275.  Gary Flitcroft (Manchester City)
276.  Steve McMahon (Manchester City)
277.  Ian Brightwell (Manchester City)
278.  David Brightwell (Manchester City)
279.  Steve Lomas (Manchester City)
280.  Peter Beagrie (Manchester City)
281.  Adie Mike (Manchester City)
282.  Niall Quinn (Manchester City)
283.  Paul Walsh (Manchester City)
284.  Uwe Rosler (Manchester City)
285.  Andy Dibble (Manchester City)
286.  Mike Summerbee (Manchester City)

293.  Peter Schmeichel (Manchester United)
294.  Gary Walsh (Manchester United)
295.  Paul Parker (Manchester United)
296.  David May (Manchester United)
297.  Denis Irwin (Manchester United)
298.  Steve Bruce (Manchester United)
299.  Chris Casper (Manchester United)
300.  Gary Pallister (Manchester United)
301.  Lee Sharpe (Manchester United)
302.  Paul Scholes (Manchester United)
303.  Nicky Butt (Manchester United)
304.  Paul Ince (Manchester United)
305.  Andrei Kanchelskis (Manchester United)
306.  Roy Keane (Manchester United)
307.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
308.  Eric Cantona (Manchester United)
309.  Brian McClair (Manchester United)
310.  Mark Hughes (Manchester United)

317.  Mike Hooper (Newcastle United)
318.  Barry Venison (Newcastle United)
319.  Pavel Srnicek (Newcastle United)
320.  Steve Watson (Newcastle United)
321.  Darren Peacock (Newcastle United)
322.  Robbie Elliott (Newcastle United)
323.  Philippe Albert (Newcastle United)
324.  Mark Hottiger (Newcastle United)
325.  John Beresford (Newcastle United)
326.  Paul Bracewell (Newcastle United)
327.  Steve Howey (Newcastle United)
328.  Lee Clark (Newcastle United)
329.  Ruel Fox (Newcastle United)
330.  Scott Sellars (Newcastle United)
331.  Andy Cole (Newcastle United)
332.  Robert Lee (Newcastle United)
333.  Peter Beardsley (Newcastle United)
334.  Alec Mathie (Newcastle United)

341.  Bryan Gunn (Norwich City)
342.  Mark Bowen (Norwich City)
343.  Rob Newman (Norwich City)
344.  Ian Butterworth (Norwich City)
345.  John Polston (Norwich City)
346.  Jon Newsome (Norwich City)
347.  Robert Ullathorne (Norwich City)
348.  Ian Crook (Norwich City)
349.  Carl Bradshaw (Norwich City)
350.  Mike Milligan (Norwich City)
351.  Jeremy Goss (Norwich City)
352.  Daryl Sutch (Norwich City)
353.  Neil Adams (Norwich City)
354.  Spencer Prior (Norwich City)
355.  Mark Robins (Norwich City)
356.  Darren Eadie (Norwich City)
357.  Mike Sheron (Norwich City)
358.  Ade Akinbiyi (Norwich City)

365.  Mark Crossley (Nottingham Forest)
366.  Tommy Wright (Nottingham Forest)
367.  Des Lyttle (Nottingham Forest)
368.  Stuart Pearce (Nottingham Forest)
369.  Colin Cooper (Nottingham Forest)
370.  Steve Chettle (Nottingham Forest)
371.  Carl Tiler (Nottingham Forest)
372.  David Phillips (Nottingham Forest)
373.  Scott Gemmill (Nottingham Forest)
374.  Lars Bohinen (Nottingham Forest)
375.  Steve Stone (Nottingham Forest)
376.  Ian Woan (Nottingham Forest)
377.  Kingsley Black (Nottingham Forest)
378.  Stan Collymore (Nottingham Forest)
379.  Jason Lee (Nottingham Forest)
380.  Robert Rosario (Nottingham Forest)
381.  Alf-Inge Haaland (Nottingham Forest)
382.  Bryan Roy (Nottingham Forest)

389.  Tony Roberts (Queens Park Rangers)
390.  Sieb Dykstra (Queens Park Rangers)
391.  David Bardsley (Queens Park Rangers)
392.  Alan McDonald (Queens Park Rangers)
393.  Karl Ready (Queens Park Rangers)
394.  Steve Yates (Queens Park Rangers)
395.  Rufus Brevett (Queens Park Rangers)
396.  Danny Maddix (Queens Park Rangers)
397.  Trevor Sinclair (Queens Park Rangers)
398.  Clive Wilson (Queens Park Rangers)
399.  Simon Barker (Queens Park Rangers)
400.  Ian Holloway (Queens Park Rangers)
401.  Les Ferdinand (Queens Park Rangers)
402.  Andy Impey (Queens Park Rangers)
403.  Bradley Allen (Queens Park Rangers)
404.  Gary Penrice (Queens Park Rangers)
405.  Devon White (Queens Park Rangers)
406.  Kevin Gallen (Queens Park Rangers)

413.  Kevin Pressman (Sheffield Wednesday)
414.  Andy Pearce (Sheffield Wednesday)
415.  Dan Petrescu (Sheffield Wednesday)
416.  Des Walker (Sheffield Wednesday)
417.  Ian Nolan (Sheffield Wednesday)
418.  Peter Atherton (Sheffield Wednesday)
419.  John Sheridan (Sheffield Wednesday)
420.  Chris Bart-Williams (Sheffield Wednesday)
421.  Klas Ingesson (Sheffield Wednesday)
422.  Andy Sinton (Sheffield Wednesday)
423.  Ian Taylor (Sheffield Wednesday)
424.  Graham Hyde (Sheffield Wednesday)
425.  Adam Poric (Sheffield Wednesday)
426.  Ryan Jones (Sheffield Wednesday)
427.  Chris Waddle (Sheffield Wednesday)
428.  David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday)
429.  Mark Bright (Sheffield Wednesday)
430.  Gordon Watson (Sheffield Wednesday)

437.  Bruce Grobbelaar (Southampton)
438.  Jeff Kenna (Southampton)
439.  Richard Hall (Southampton)
440.  Ken Monkou (Southampton)
441.  Jason Dodd (Southampton)
442.  Simon Charlton (Southampton)
443.  Paul Allen (Southampton)
444.  Neil Maddison (Southampton)
445.  Jim Magilton (Southampton)
446.  Tommy  Widdrington (Southampton)
447.  Neil Heaney (Southampton)
448.  Matthew Le Tissier (Southampton)
449.  Iain Dowie (Southampton)
450.  Francis Benali (Southampton)
451.  Nicky Banger (Southampton)
452.  Craig Maskell (Southampton)
453.  Peter Whiston (Southampton)
454.  Ronnie Eklund (Southampton)

461.  Erik Thorstvedt (Tottenham Hotspur)
462.  Ian Walker (Tottenham Hotspur)
463.  Gary Mabbutt (Tottenham Hotspur)
464.  Dean Austin (Tottenham Hotspur)
465.  Justin Edinburgh (Tottenham Hotspur)
466.  Sol Campbell (Tottenham Hotspur)
467.  Colin Calderwood (Tottenham Hotspur)
468.  Stuart Nethercott (Tottenham Hotspur)
469.  Gheorghe Popescu (Tottenham Hotspur)
470.  David Kerslake (Tottenham Hotspur)
471.  Ilie Dumitrescu (Tottenham Hotspur)
472.  Darren Caskey (Tottenham Hotspur)
473.  Mickey Hazard (Tottenham Hotspur)
474.  Jason Dozzell (Tottenham Hotspur)
475.  Nicky Barmby (Tottenham Hotspur)
476.  Jurgen Klinsmann (Tottenham Hotspur)
477.  Darren Anderton (Tottenham Hotspur)
478.  Teddy Sheringham (Tottenham Hotspur)

485.  Ludek Miklosko (West Ham United)
486.  Tim Breacker (West Ham United)
487.  Steve Potts (West Ham United)
488.  Alvin Martin (West Ham United)
489.  Adrian Whitbread (West Ham United)
490.  Keith Rowland (West Ham United)
491.  John Moncur (West Ham United)
492.  Martin Allen (West Ham United)
493.  Kenny Brown (West Ham United)
494.  Ian Bishop (West Ham United)
495.  Matthew Rush (West Ham United)
496.  Mike Marsh (West Ham United)
497.  Trevor Morley (West Ham United)
498.  Matt Holmes (West Ham United)
499.  Tony Cottee (West Ham United)
500.  Julian Dicks (West Ham United)
501.  Lee Chapman (West Ham United)
502.  Don Hutchison (West Ham United)

509.  Hans Segers (Wimbledon)
510.  Alan Kimble (Wimbledon)
511.  Alan Reeves (Wimbledon)
512.  Warren Barton (Wimbledon)
513.  Peter Fear (Wimbledon)
514.  Scott Fitzgerald (Wimbledon)
515.  Andy Thorn (Wimbledon)
516.  Vinny Jones (Wimbledon)
517.  Steve Talboys (Wimbledon)
518.  Stewart Castledine (Wimbledon)
519.  Gary Elkins (Wimbledon)
520.  Marcus Gayle (Wimbledon)
521.  Gary Blissett (Wimbledon)
522.  Efan Ekoku (Wimbledon)
523.  Robbie Earle (Wimbledon)
524.  Andy Clarke (Wimbledon)
525.  Dean Holdsworth (Wimbledon)
526.  Neil Ardley (Wimbledon)

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