Thursday, 14 January 2016

Futera - Futera Unique 2015 (14) - The Mythicals

Futera Unique 2015
120 base cards

Here's an illustrated checklist of The Mythicals sub-set, though there are still a couple of cards missing - Bebeto and Maradona. They'll be added as images become available.

Mythicals Memorabilia (#/10)
13 cards
Each Mythicals card is presented in a gold-plated frame with diamonds.
Cards feature game used memorabilia including jerseys, training tops, boots.
Examples: A piece of Geoff Hurst's boots, Oleh Blokhin's Soviet Union game used shirt.

MYTH01.  Pele (Brazil)

MYTH02.  Franz Beckenbauer (Germany)
MYTH03.  Gerd Muller (Germany)
MYTH04.  Oleh Blokhin (Soviet Union)
MYTH05.  Franco Baresi (Italy)
MYTH06.  Roberto Baggio (Italy)
MYTH07.  Michel Platini (France)
MYTH08.  Johnny Rep (Netherlands)
MYTH09.  Johan Cruyff (Netherlands)
MYTH10.  Zico (Brazil)
MYTH11.  Bebeto (Brazil)
MYTH12.  Diego Maradona (Argentina)
MYTH13.  Geoff Hurst (England)

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