Wednesday 13 January 2016

Futera - Futera Unique 2014 (6) - Case Cards (02)

Futera Unique 2014 - Case Cards
200 cards

Limited Edition Uncut Sheets 'of 2'. These Case bonuses are 2-card uncut sheets featuring 2 players from the Main Set, individually numbered and with a unique code.  Both 'Front' and 'Back' 2-card uncut sheets have been released, where when combined, give extra playing power at  Each Master Case includes one of these 2-card uncut sheets which have a blank back (either Front or Back design). There is a maximum of 2 cards released for each 2-card uncut sheet, which are numbered either '1 of 2' or '2 of 2'.  Each uncut sheet has a unique code to play in the FWF Online game, and is signed by a Futera Director. Some of the cards have silver chrome fronts, and these are more Limited in release.
Here's another one.


083.  Neymar (Brazil)
088.  Luis Suarez (Uruguay)

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