Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Bassett & Co. - (TRCB-2) World Beaters (02) - Postcards

(BAR-142-1) World Beaters - Footballers
(BAR-142-2) World Beaters - Football Scenes
Bassett & Co.
2 x 6 postcards

Following on from previous years postcards were available by sending in tokens printed on the packets, but this year there were just two set of six. Because the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain recorded all the postcard sets from the different seasons in one section these are numbered differently, but to keep this post in some sort of order in the Index I've keep the number of the set (TRCB-2) in the header with the correct catalogue numbers (and titles) listed below.

(BAR-142-1) World Beaters - 
Star 'Six' Postcards

1.  Roberto Baggio (Italy)

2.  Eric Cantona (France)
3.  Ryan Giggs (Wales)
4.  John Harkes (USA)
5.  Roy Keane (Eire)
6.  Chris Woods (England)

(BAR-142-2) World Beaters - 
Acton 'Six' Postcards

1.  Chris Woods and Careca (Brazil)

2.  David Platt (England)
3.  Dean Saunders (Wales) and Staelens (Belgium)
4.  Kohler & Bunz (Germany) and Dennis Berkgamp (Holland)
5.  Marco van Basten (Holland) and Torben Piechnik (Denmark)
6.  The German wall jumps to it (with Jürgen Klinsmann)

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