Sunday, 25 October 2015

When Saturday Comes - WSC Couch Potato's World Cup '94 Match Analysis Stickers


WSC Couch Potato's World Cup '94 Match Analysis Stickers
When Saturday Comes
28 stickers

A sheet of stickers given free with issue number 89 of When Saturday Comes, dated July 1994.

Asleep before the end

Controversial refereeing
A great advert for football
Goal feast
A niggly affair
Eccentric goalkeeper
Atrocious pitch
Hope Yanks missed this
Watched film on other side
Result to gloat about
Stupifyingly dull
Ridiculous refereeing
Riveting stuff
Travesty of a result
Who gives a toss?
Commentator's nightmare
Not for the faint-hearted
No atmosphere
Videoed wrong channel
Gran's Irish, you know
Baldies on both sides
Sorry, down the pub
Coaches wore trenchcoats
Jimmy Hill very irritating
Possible fixed result
Wild nose clearance

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