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Fosse Collection - Football Stars 1946/47 ~ 1st Series

Football Stars 1946/47 ~ 1st Series
Fosse Collection
32 cards

Two different versions of these cards were available. Despite being identified as '1st Series', no further sets were issued with this title, though three sets of 'Soccer Stars 1946/47' did follow.

Football Stars 1946-47 ~ 1st Series

Football Stars 1946-47 ~ 1st Series (plain back - on thick white card)

1.  Bryn Jones (Arsenal)

2.  Dr. Kevin O'Flanaghan (Arsenal)
3.  Les Smith (Aston Villa)
4.  John Kelly (Barnsley)
5.  George Robledo (Barnsley)
6.  Neil Dougall (Birmingham City)
7.  Bobby Langton (Blackburn Rovers)
8.  Jimmy Blair (Blackpool)
9.  George Farrow (Blackpool)
10.  Stan Mortensen (Blackpool)
11.  Albert Geldard (Bolton Wanderers)
12.  Jackie Gibbons (Bradford Park Avenue)
13.  Billy Morris (Burnley)
14.  Eddie Kilshaw (Bury)
15.  George Mutch (Bury)
16.  Chris Duffy (Charlton Athletic)
17.  Tommy Walker (Chelsea)
18.  Peter Doherty (Derby County)
19.  John McIlhatton (Everton)
20.  Albert Bateman (Huddersfield Town)
21.  Aubrey Powell (Leeds United)
22.  Billy Liddell (Liverpool)
23.  Albert Stubbins (Liverpool)
24.  Tom Finney (Preston North End)
25.  Billy McIntosh (Preston North End)
26.  Charlie Wayman (Southampton)
27.  George Antonio (Stoke City)
28.  Alec Ormston (Stoke City)
29.  Jakcie Robinson (Sunderland)
30.  Len Shackleton (Sunderland)
31.  Trevor Ford (Swansea Town)
32.  Tom Galley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)


  1. Hi Alan

    is the 'Soccer Stars 1946/47' collection listed anywhere?



    1. Hi Paul,

      I've held off adding the checklists because I'm missing four names from Set 4, but I think I'm more likely to get the checklist completed if I add it to my blog. I'll add it later today.



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