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Tinghälls / Flamingo / Trick-Klubban - VM 1950


VM 1950
Tinghälls / Flamingo / Trick-Klubban
80 cards

My friend in Sweden has sent in another checklist...

These rare and very sought after cards were issued in Sweden in 1950 and distributed with candy. They depict players from six different teams that participated in the 1950 World Cup held in Brazil, as well as players from the Brazilian football club Sao Paulo. They are unnumbered and come with a rather large variation of backs including blank backs, or with text - 'O. Tinghälls', 'Flamingo-Fabriken', 'RAIA' or the even rarer 'Trick-Klubban', depending on the type of candy they were distributed with.

Andersson, Sune (Sweden)

Gärd, Ingvar (Sweden)
Jeppsson, Hasse (Sweden)
Jönsson, Egon (Sweden)
Mellberg, Bror (Sweden)
Nilsson, Erik (Sweden)
Nilsson, Stellan (Sweden)
Nordahl, Knut (Sweden)
Palmér, Kalle (Sweden)
Rydell, Ingvar (Sweden)
Samuelsson, L. (Sweden)
Skoglund, "Nacka" (Sweden)
Sundqvist, Stig (Sweden)
Svensson, Kalle (Sweden)

Ademir (Brazil)

Augusto (Brazil)
Barbosa (Brazil)
Bauer (Brazil)
Bisode (Brazil)
Chico (Brazil)
Danilo (Brazil)
Jair (Brazil)
Juvenal (Brazil)
Maneca (Brazil)
Zizinho (Brazil)

Annovarri (Italy)

Arapanese (Italy)
Boniperti (Italy)
Campatelli (Italy)
Furiassi (Italy)
Gapello (Italy)
Giovannini (Italy)
Magli (Italy)
Mucinelli (Italy)
Parola (Italy)
Santimenti (Italy)

Andrade (Uruguay)

Gambetta (Uruguay)
Ghiggia (Uruguay)
Maspoli (Uruguay)
Miquez (Uruguay)
Perez (Uruguay)
Schiaffino (Uruguay)
Sonzales (Uruguay)
Tejera (Uruguay)
Varela (Uruguay)
Vidal (Uruguay)

Alonzo (Spain)

Basora (Spain)
Isoa (Spain)
Panizo (Spain)
Parra (Spain)
Puchades (Spain)
Ramalleets (Spain)
Sainza (Spain)
Sonzalvo II (Spain)
Sonzalvo III (Spain)
Zarra (Spain)

Bahr (USA)

Borghi (USA)
Colombo (USA)
Ilvenny (USA)
Keough (USA)
Maca (USA)
Pariani (USA)
Saetjens (USA)
Souza (USA)
Wacanin (USA)
Wallace (USA)

Puy (Sao Paulo)

Bauer (Sao Paulo)
Teixeirinha (Sao Paulo)
Saverio (Sao Paulo)
Friaga (Sao Paulo)
Remo (Sao Paulo)
Norvaha (Sao Paulo)
Ponce (Sao Paulo)
Leonidas (Sao Paulo)
Mario (Sao Paulo)
Mauro (Sao Paulo)

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