Sunday 5 April 2015

A. & J. Donaldson - DON-060-1/DOZ-1-1b Sports Favourites ~ Big Heads ~ 1st issue ~ Yellow backs

DON-060-1/DOZ-1-1b Sports Favourites ~ Big Heads ~ 1st issue ~ Yellow backs
A. & J. Donaldson
30 cards

I have been very fortunate to have the help of Robert T. Muat, one of the foremost collectors of cards issued by A. & J. Donaldson and his Scottish contemporaries. Robert has taken the time to make many amendments to my original checklists, correcting errors, updating information and adding details that I didn't have. I must also thank Brian McEwan for his help with these cards

Note: It's strange that throughout the range of Sports Favourites some cards have 'Rangers' others 'Glasgow Rangers'; 'Celtic' or 'Glasgow Celtic'. Neither club has 'Glasgow' in their title. Similarily 'Morton' and 'Greenock Morton'.
I will be re-publishing all the A. & J. Donaldson checklists and then deleting the original lists I made as they will be no longer relevant.
This is the first series, the so-called 'Yellow backs'.
The first 30 cards were a trial run to see if they would sell. They were produced as cheaply as possible, which meant that the printer used 'run-off' sheets - sheets used to remove ink from the printing press. It's possible some may not have yellow patches on the back, though all these cards were part of the print run. 
1.  T. Lawton (Chelsea)
2.  W. Miller (Glasgow Celtic)
3.  L. Compton (Arsenal)
4.  G. Cummings (Aston Villa)
5.  W. Waddell (Glasgow Rangers)
6.  J. Aitken (Airdrie)
7.  R. "Boy" Brown (Rangers)
8.  J. Husband (Partick Thistle)
9.  J. Deakin (St. Mirren)
10.  T. Bogan (Glasgow Celtic)
11.  J. Mason (Third Lanark)
12.  S. Matthews (Blackpool)  -  Stoke City colours
13.  Dr A. Cross (Queens Park)
14.  P. McKennan (Partick Thistle)
15.  J. Aitkenhead (Hibernian)
16.  J. McGowan (Partick Thistle)
17.  F. Dunlop (Aberdeen)
18.  G. Clapperton (Airdrie)
19.  P. Doherty (Huddersfield Town)
20.  H. Carter (Derby County)
21.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)
22.  D. Robinson (Middlesbrough)
23.  W. Campbell (Greenock Morton)
24.  T. Gillick (Glasgow Rangers)
25.  T. Kiernan (Glasgow Celtic)
26.  Gordon Smith (Hibernian)
27.  T. Walker (Chelsea)
28.  J. Delaney (Manchester United)
29.  A. Baird (Aberdeen)
30.  Frank Brennan (Newcastle United)

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