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Fleetway Publications / Lion - FLE-170-1/ZJ9-3-1-1 Football Teams ~ Lion (1958-59)


FLE-170-1/ZJ9-3-1-1 Football Teams ~ Lion
Fleetway Publications / Lion
14 cards

I only have an issue date for one of these sheets of cards. I believe the first two sheets each contained four team photos.

UPDATE (08-11-2017 11:51):  Issue numbers and issue dates have been added for the remaining sheets and the order in which they have been listed has been amended to put them in chronological order. Thanks to Terry Kramer for providing this missing information.

FLE-170-1 / ZJ9-3-1-1 - Football Teams - Lion (sheet 1)
  -  issue no. 362, dated 24 January, 1959

Glasgow Rangers F.C. 1958-59

McIlroy, Brand, Orr, Currie, Niven, Little, Martin, Moles, Austin, Wilson, McCorquodale, Mr.. Scot Symon (Manager), Millar, Smith, Simpson, Valentine, Baird, Paterson, Telfer, Davies, Hogg, Neil, Murray, Craven (Asst. Trainer), Duncan, Scott, Queen, Shearer, McEwan, McColl, Stevenson, Caldow, Matthews, Hubbard, Provan
Manchester United F.C. 1958-59
A. Scanlon, F. Goodwin, H. Gregg, I. Greaves, R. Cope, E. Taylor, A. Quixall, R. Charlton, W. Foulkes, D. Viollet, W. McGuinness
West Bromwich Albion F.C. 1958-59
V. Buckingham (Manager), D. Hogg, E. Robinson, D. Howe, C. Jackman, J. Dudley, S. Williams, J. Kennedy, R. Graham (Trainer), R. Allen, R. Robson, C. Drury, M. Setters, R. Barlow, D. Kevan, B. Whitehouse, F. Griffin, J. Carvin, D. Burnside, J. Campbell, A. Jackson, R. Horobin
Fulham F.C. 1958-59
E. Lowe, G. Cohen, R. Bentley, T. Macedo, J. Stapleton, G. Langley, G. Leggatt, J. Hill, M. Cook, J. Haynes, T. Chamberlain

FLE-170-1 / ZJ9-3-1-1 - Football Teams - Lion (sheet 2)   -  issue no. 363, dated 31 January, 1959

Aston Villa F.C. 1958-59

P. Aldis, S. Lynn, P. Saward, J. Dugdale, N. Sims, J. Dixon, G. Ashfield, V. Crowe, L. Jones, E. Houghton (Former Manager), T. Southern (now Bournemouth & Bos. Ath.), L. Smith, J. Sewell, W. Myerscough, P. McParland, R. Shaw (Trainer), G. Lee, K. Roberts, W. Hazelden, T. Birch
Preston North End F.C. 1958-59
J. Wylie, W. Cunningham, D. Hatsell, P. Else, J. Dunn, J. Walton, F. O'Farrell, D. Mayers, T. Thompson, T. Finney, J. Baxter, S. Taylor

FLE-170-1 / ZJ9-3-1-1 - Football Teams - Lion (sheet 3)   -  issue no. 364, dated 7 February, 1959

Newcastle United F.C. 1958-59

J. Scoular, J. Nesbitt, R. Stokoe, R. Simpson, R. Keith, A. McMichael, A. Franks, W. Wright, G. Eastham, I White, K. Hale, R. Mitchell, I. Allchurch (inset)
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 1958-59
J. Iley, D. Blanchflower, E. Ditchburn, M. Hopkins, P. Baker, C. Poynton (Trainer), T. Medwin, J. Ryden, T. Harmer, R. Smith, A. Stokes, G. Robb

FLE-170-1 / ZJ9-3-1-1 - Football Teams - Lion (sheet 4)   -  issue no. 365, dated 14 February, 1959

Blackburn Rovers F.C. 1958-59

M. McGrath, R. Cairns, A. McLeod, H. Leyland, M. Woods, D. Whelan, T. Johnston, B. Douglas, R. Stephenson, R. Vernon, R. Clayton, P. Dobing, W. Eckersley
Luton Town F.C. 1958-59
R. Morton, S. Dunne, K. Hawkes, R. Baynham, I. King (Trainer), D. Pacey, W. McNally, G. Cummins, W. Bingham, G. Turner, A. Brown, D. Duncan (now Manager of Blackburn Rovers), S. Owen, J. Groves, J. Adam

FLE-170-1 / ZJ9-3-1-1 - Football Teams - Lion (sheet 5)   -  issue no. 366, dated 21 February, 1959

Stoke City F.C. 1958-59

Mr F. Taylor (Manager), J. McCue, W. Robertson, W. Asprey, W. Hall, A. Allen , N. Tapken (Trainer), D. Ratcliffe, P. Bullock, F. Bowyer, K. Thomson, R. Howitt, J. King, R. Cairns, N. Coleman, H. Oscroft
Huddersfield Town F.C. 1958-59
S. Howard, B. Gibson, J. Connor, H. Fearnley, N. Kennon, K. Taylor, A. Conwell, G. Low, W. McGarry, K. McHale, D. Law, D. Hawkesworth, L. Massie, R. Ledger, R. Wilson

FLE-170-1 / ZJ9-3-1-1 - Football Teams - Lion (sheet 6)   -  issue no. 367, dated 28 February, 1959

Blackpool F.C. 1958-59
H. Snowdon, J. Armfield, B. Fenton, G. Farm, J. Kelly, R. Gratrix, T. Garrell, J. Wright, S. Matthews, J. Medie, H. Kelly, R. Charnley, D. Durie, W. Perry
Plymouth Argyle F.C. 1958-59
J.L. Williams, G. Robertson, D. Downs, J.S. Williams, Mr. J. Rowley (Manager), G. Barnsley, R. Wyatt, T. Burnett, N. Dougall, Mr. J. Blundell (Former Chairman), P. Anderson, J. Gauld, W. Carter, G. Baker, N. Penn

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