Sunday 3 August 2014

Unknown issuer (Argentina) - Brasil 2014 FIFA World Cup (2)

Brasil 2014 FIFA World Cup
Unknown issuer
300 cards

Jasper van Hoof has been in touch with some additional information. He also supplied all the illustrations used here.
I was planning to mail you about this set earlier, but I didn't find the time yet. I bought a box of these cards from a guy in Argentina. As far as I know they were only issued in Argentina and it would very much surprise me if they were not printed there as well. In any way, it seems unlikely to me that they were printed in China. I have included a scan of the packages (3 different colours) in the attachment. There is almost no information on the packages. The box itself has only pictures on it, no other information.
I also have zero information about a checklist. But it seems that not every country has cards in this set, while some countries have more cards than others. Apart from the cards that you have already mentioned on your website I know that there is at least one Mexico card (see attachment): Guilermo Ochoa. There is also a Fuleco Gold card (see attachment). I also have one more stadium, which is Estadio Castelão (see attachment). That's about all that I know.
I have updated the original list of cards with these three new ones. You can find the original list here - Unknown issuer (Argentina) - Brasil 2014 FIFA World Cup

Guilermo Ochoa (Mexico)

Fuleco Gold card

Estadio Castelão

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