Sunday, 3 August 2014

Nabisco / Shredded Wheat - NAB-020 World Sports Superstars and Sporting Trophies


NAB-020 World Sports Superstars and Sporting Trophies
Nabisco / Shredded Wheat
6 (1 Footballer)

I'd like to thank Gareth Lewis for providing the illustrations for this listing. The superstars cards measure 72mm x 72mm. The background part of the card can be folded in half, as can be seen in the illustration on the back of the box.

UPDATE (29-07-2017 13:09):  Harry The Hooch has informed me that the issue date should be 1976, not 1908 so I've amended the year of issue.

Pele / World Cup

John Curry (Figure Skating)
Brendan Foster (Athletics)
Clive Lloyd (Cricket)
Harvey Smith (Equestrianism)
John H. Stacey (Boxing)


  1. Hi, I don't think you got my email as no reply, so here I am again. I think the secretary made a booboo, as this series is 1976, not 1980. On the side of the boxes it stated it was a 50 anniversary year, 1976, special offer. I am sure you know this but thought I ought to point it out also. Thanks again, great site! Harri

    1. Hi Harri,

      I don't think I got your e-mail (don't know what happened there). Thanks for letting me know I've listed the year of issue incorrectly. I'll update it straight away.




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