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Pluck - PLU-040/PLU-1-1/2 Famous Football Teams (English/Scottish versions)

PLU-040/PLU-1-1 Famous Football Teams
27 cards

There are two different series of these cards, with slightly different version of some of the cards issued in Scotland compared to the one issued in England and Wales. For the most part, the same cards were issued - Glasgow Rangers was issued across the whole of the country, but the other Scottish clubs were only issued in Scotland. There's another variation for some of the cards, as each card announced the name of the team appearing the following week. So, for example, on 6 January, 1923 the Barnsley card was issued. In England the back of the card indicated that the card the following week would feature Manchester United, but the Scottish version made reference to the Falkirk card being issued. Similar variations appear on the cards of Oldham Athletic, Darlington, Swansea Town, Leicester City and Huddersfield Town.

PLU-040 / PLU-1-1 Famous Football Teams - English version

1.  The Arsenal   -   issue dated 28 October, 1922
A. Graham, A. Baker, J. Butler, E. Williamson, H. White, A. Hutchins, J. Rutherford, W. Blyth, T. Whittaker, F. Bradshaw, J. Hopkins
2.  Cardiff City F.C.   -   issue dated 4 November, 1922
Evans, Nash, Page, Davies, Smith, Davies, Evans, Grimshaw, Gill, Blair, Clennell, Hardy
3.  Tottenham Hotspur F.C.   -   issue dated 11 November, 1922
B. Smith, T. Clay, H. Blake, A. Grimsdell, C. Walters, R. MacDonald, F. Walden, J. Seed, J. Cantrell, A. Thompson, J. Dimmock
4.  Burnley F.C.   -   issue dated 18 November, 1922
J. Anderson, J. Dawson, A. Bassnett, J.W. Lane, D. Taylor, J. Fisher, R. Kelly, W. Watson, W. Emerson, B. Cross, E. Mosscrop, L. Smelt
5.  Aston Villa F.C.   -   issue dated 25 November, 1922
Johnstone, Jackson, Smart, Miles, Jones, Harkus, Mort, Kirton, Dickson, Brett, Moss, Blackburn, Capewell, Dorrell, Walker
6.  Glasgow Rangers F.C.   -   issue dated 2 December, 1922
J. Nicholson, J.R. Smith, T. Cairns, W. Robb, D. Meiklejohn, H. Johnston, A. Dixon, A. Archibald, W. McCandless, T. Muirhead, R. Manderson, A. Cunningham, G. Henderson, A. Morton
7.  West Bromwich Albion F.C.   -   issue dated 9 December, 1922
S. Adams, I. Jones, S. Richardson, H. Pearson, S. Crisp, F.W.M. Reed, S. Bowser, R. McNeal, J. Smith, F. Morris, T. Magee, H. Gregory, R. Blood, C. Wilson, S. Davies, J.C. James
8.  Blackburn Rovers F.C.   -   issue dated 16 December, 1922
T. Heaton, W.R. Sewell, T. Wylie, Dr. Sellers, J.T.R. McKinnell, R. Healess, J. McKay, P. Dawson, J. McIntyre, F. Reilly, R. Bond, D. Rollo, J. Hodkinson
9.  Chelsea F.C.   -   issue dated 23 December, 1922
Bell, Smith, Sharp, Baker, Hoddinott, Harrow, Wilding, Ford, Cock, Meehan, McNeil
10.  Stoke F.C.   -   issue dated 30 December, 1922
Broad, Howe, McGrory, Brokes, Milne, Weston, Ralphs, Groves, Whitehurst, Watkin, Dr. S. Nicholas, Clarke, Poole, Roose
11.  Barnsley F.C.   -   issue dated 6 January, 1923
J. Gittens, T. Gale, J. Tindall, J. Halliwell, P. Beaumont, C. Baines, G. Donkin, B. Fletcher, W. R. Wainscoat, E. Hine, A. Newton
12.  Manchester United F.C.   -   issue dated 13 January, 1923
A.W. Lockhead, C. Radford, J. Mew, J. Silcock, C.G. Hilditch, F. Barson, J. Wood, J.B. Grimwood, J. Spence, N. McBain, E. Partridge, N. Thomas
13.  Crewe Alexandra F.C.   -   issue dated 20 January, 1923
Kellett, Allman, Scott, Goodwin, Bricker, Schofield, Cauldfield, Bricker, Davies, Hassall, Perry, Moss, Turner
14.  Oldham Athletic F.C.   -   issue dated 27 January, 1923
Watson, J.H. Marshall, Pilkington, Matthews, Douglas, A.W. Marshall, Wood, Freeman, Grundy, Hibbert, Waddell
15.  Manchester City F.C.   -   issue dated 3 February, 1923
Hamill, Cookson, Goodchild, Fletcher, Johnson, Meredith, Morris, Browell, Sharp, Barnes, Pringle
16.  Lincoln City F.C.   -   issue dated 10 February, 1923
McGraham, Greaves, Kendall, Fenwick, Dwane, Ward, Kean, Boylen, Thorpe, Griffiths, Sillito
17.  Darlington F.C.   -   issue dated 17 February, 1923
Burridge, Greaves, Greig, Boocock, Malcolm, Sutcliffe, Winship, Stevens, Dickson, Hooper, Bell
18.  Everton F.C.   -   issue dated 24 February, 1923
McDonald, Peacock, Harland, Raitt, Hart, Chedgzoy, Irvine, Chadwick, Williams, Fleetwood, Reid
19.  Hull City F.C.   -   issue dated 3 March, 1923
Collier, Lodge, Mercer, Bell, Bew, Bleakley, Crawford, McKinney, Martin, Coverdale, Thom
20.  Swansea Town F.C.   -   issue dated 10 March, 1923
Morley, Denoon, Milne, Hole, Deacon, Smith, Thompson, Spottiswoode, Roulson, Harwood, Williams
21.  Middlesbrough F.C.   -   issue dated 17 March, 1923
Pender, Fox, Williamson, W. Carr, G.Carr, Marshall, Wilson, Birrell, Urwin, Murray
22.  Sunderland F.C.   -   issue dated 24 March, 1923
J.S. Poole, G. Oakley, C. Parker, E.R. Robson, E. England, M. Gilhooley, A. Donaldson, C.M. Buchan, J. Mitton, J. Paterson, W. Ellis
23.  Leicester City F.C.   -   issue dated 31 March, 1923
Jones, Black, Hebden, Walker, Thomson, T. Duncan, J. Duncan, Waite, Graham, Thomkin, Harrold
24.  Bury F.C.   -   issue dated 7 April, 1923
J. Porter, T. Adamson, W. Richardson, F. Smith, W. Lomas, D.M. Robbie, W. Stage, N. Bullock, R. Burkinshaw, J.G. Aitken, J. Callagher
25.  Walsall F.C.   -   issue dated 14 April, 1923
Langenove, Stanford, Timmins, Bowden, Cameron, Harper, E. Groves, A. Groves, Walton, Cullum, Bradburn
26.  Huddersfield Town F.C.   -   issue dated 21 April, 1923
Wilson, Barkass, Islip, Smith, Wadsworth, Taylor, Watson, Mann, Wilson, Richardson, Stephenson
27.  Clapton Orient F.C.   -   issue dated 28 April, 1923
Tonner, Dixon, Wood, Townroe, Nicholls, Nicholson, Smith, Higginbotham, Tonner, Bliss, Williams

PLU-040 / PLU-1-2 Famous Football Teams - Scottish

1.  The Arsenal   -   issue dated 28 October, 1922
2.  Cardiff City F.C.   -   issue dated 4 November, 1922
3.  Tottenham Hotspur F.C.   -   issue dated 11 November, 1922
4.  Burnley F.C.   -   issue dated 18 November, 1922
5.  Aston Villa F.C.   -   issue dated 25 November, 1922
6.  Glasgow Rangers F.C.   -   issue dated 2 December, 1922
7.  West Bromwich Albion F.C.   -   issue dated 9 December, 1922
8.  Blackburn Rovers F.C.   -   issue dated 16 December, 1922
9.  Hibernian F.C.   -   issue dated 23 December, 1922   -   amended   -   thanks to Rikki
10.  Stoke F.C.   -   issue dated 30 December, 1922
11.  Barnsley F.C.   -   issue dated 6 January, 1923
12.  Falkirk F.C.   -   issue dated 13 January, 1923
13.  Crewe Alexandra F.C.   -   issue dated 20 January, 1923
14.  Oldham Athletic F.C.   -   issue dated 27 January, 1923
15.  Celtic F.C.   -   issue dated 3 February, 1923
16.  Lincoln City F.C.   -   issue dated 10 February, 1923
17.  Darlington F.C.   -   issue dated 17 February, 1923
18.  Raith Rovers F.C.   -   issue dated 24 February, 1923
19.  Hull City F.C.   -   issue dated 3 March, 1923
20.  Swansea Town F.C.   -   issue dated 10 March, 1923
21.  Aberdeen F.C.   -   issue dated 17 March, 1923
22.  Sunderland F.C.   -   issue dated 24 March, 1923
23.  Leicester City F.C.   -   issue dated 31 March, 1923
24.  Albion Rovers F.C.   -   issue dated 7 April, 1923
25.  Walsall F.C.   -   issue dated 14 April, 1923
26.  Huddersfield Town F.C.   -   issue dated 21 April, 1923
27.  Third Lanark F.C.   -   issue dated 28 April, 1923


  1. I have in my collection for no. 9 Hibernians dated December 23rd 1922. All other Scottish cards are as per your list above. Hope this helps. Rikki.

    1. Thanks Rikki, I've updated the list.




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