Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Topps - The Official Barclays Premier League Sticker Activity Album 2014-2015

The Official Barclays Premier League Sticker Activity Album 2014-2015
1 album - complete with all stickers

With the 2014/2015 football season due to kick off this month, Topps is launching a new sporty offering for young fans.
The collectables company - and one of the longest serving Premier League licensees - will launch the inaugural Barclays Premier League Sticker Activity Album: an all-in-one product full of activities and stickers of the biggest stars.
Launching on August 14th and priced at £3.99, the new collection will feature over 150 stickers, including glitter and stadium stickers.
All the stickers are inside the album, which includes activities such as puzzles, quizzes, spot the difference, colour-me-ins, word searches and more, spread across over 30 pages.
Kids will also be able to learn key facts and stats about the Barclays Premier League and have the chance to design a football shirt.
"We are proud to announce the launch of this brand new collection," said Rod Pearson, marketing director at Topps. "It is the first time we are reaching out to a younger set of football fans with an all-in-one product that provides a fun way for fans to engage with the upcoming season.
"We anticipate it will cause excitement at retail."

Thanks to bibster (FCF) for the 'heads up'.


  1. this sticker book is the worse one you have ever made I would be ashamed if I was you

  2. I thought the whole point of buying a sticker album was to trade spares with friends. What's the point of getting all the stickers at once. The layout is also wrong and the kits are old.

    1. I think this collection is aimed at small children, so that thye can complete the album without having to spend any pocket money.


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