Sunday, 11 May 2014

Unknown issuer - Ron Davies Metalpics ~ Southampton F.C.

Ron Davies Metalpics ~ Southampton F.C.
Unknown issuer
10 known

Following on from the previous Metalpics collection - Arsenal Double Champions 70/71, Martin Bennett has sent in photos and information about the Southampton F.C. set....
Hi Alan, 
I must admit that I was unaware that the the Arsenal cards you featured recently existed. I attach scans of the Southampton ones that I have in my collection.
There are coloured versions and also much larger copper coloured (I only have No. 4 Mick Channon) which are shown on scan 2. I understand that they were given away with fuel at a petrol station near to the old Dell ground. I was also told that you had to spend quite a bit to collect them all!!! I would guess that the Arsenal ones were probably available at a petrol station in London. As to value - who knows, I bought mine several years ago for about £5.00 each but have never seen any since (but I would like to get the others though).

1.  Terry Paine
2.  Brian O'Neill (sic - Brian O'Neil)
3.  J. Steele
4.  F. Burns
5.  John McGrath
6.  Tom Jenkins
7.  I think could be Ted Bates (Manager) but not sure.
8.  Eric Martin
9.  J. O'Brian (sic - Gerry O'Brien)
10.  Hugh Fisher

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