Saturday 17 May 2014

Panini - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil Sticker Collection (16) - Boxes


2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil ~ Boxes
Unknown number

Mark Pinney has sent in some more scans of the boxes so I've decided to remove the scans of the boxes from the one about the packets and create a new thread. I've shown them in the order in which I've received the photos

The boxes show the distribution details. The first one ties in with the Costa Rica packet shown above. There must be many more, if you can supply scans please get in touch.

  1. Paraguay, Ecuador,Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Central America (including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama), Dominican Republic.
  2. France, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, Germany and Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Mexico, Russia
  3. Hungary, Ukraine, Netherlands, Israel, Greece
  4. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Bulgaria, Cyprus, South Africa, Mauritius
  5. Belgium
  6. United States of America, Canada
  7. France
  8. Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Malaysia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates
  9. Blue LIDL
  10. Green LIDL - Germany, Italy, France
  11. France, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Mexico, Russia

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  1. A new box, from CHINA added - thanks to Mark Pinney.


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