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A. & J. Donaldson - DON-060-3 Oldham Athletic (2)


DON-060-3  Oldham Athletic
A. & J. Donaldson
12 cards

I believe the original list that I published was compiled back in the 1950s or 1960s. Whoever did type out that original list wasn't a Latics fan. I've heard from Chris England...

I very much enjoy your fascinating site, well done. I was interested to see the A. & J. Donaldsons unnumbered Oldham list appear, and can offer the following additional information. I don't know when you would date these cards, but all 12 of these players were at Oldham in the 1947-48 season. Four of them feature in a large and numbered 1947 A..&.J. Donaldsons set that I came across a checklist for - Hayes #92, Blackshaw #104, Fryer #122 and Haddington #146. Maybe they feature again as unnumbered items in this Oldham oddity, I don't know. The picture is from a JF Sporting Collectibles auction listing - as you can see the player's name is Horton (Les) rather than Morton (cf. also Hayes rather than Mayes, and Fryer rather than Fryers). As an Oldham fan I have been puzzled by these extra cards for a while so it is interesting to find that they are actually a separate set of 12, and I didn't know about the Bunting, Parnaby and Wilson ones.
Best wishes, Chris England
I have changed the date of issue, and I've amended the names of the players. I presume the compiler dated the cards as 1952-53 because Oldham Athletic were champions of Football League Division Three (North) that season. It's possible that A. & J. Donaldson reissued the cards without numbers for that reason.

DON-060-3  Oldham Athletic
DON-060-3  Oldham Athletic - laminated reprint (2000's)

Fryer  -  amended
Hayes  -  amended
Horton  -  amended

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