Wednesday 14 May 2014

Ipswich Town F.C. - Ipswich Town F.C. Collector Cards (2010-11)


Ipswich Town F.C. Collector Cards
Ipswich Town F.C.
Unknown number

I believe these cards were issued in 2010-11. There are many more but this is the only one I know of. If anyone can supply further information, please get in touch.
UPDATE (26-07-2017 18:26):  Carole Cross has provided a list of some cards via the Comments below.

2.  Jamie Peters
4.  Gareth McAuley
5.  Damien Delany
6.  Grant Leadbetter
7.  Carlos Edwards
8.  David Norris
9.  Connor Wickham
10.  Jason Scotland
16.  Tamas Priskin
19.  Luke Hyam
20.  Tommy Smith
21.  Marton Fulop
39.  Mark Kennedy


  1. Hi Alan, I also have the following cards in my collection. 2- Jamie Peters, 4- Gareth McAuley, 5- Damien Delany,6- Grant Leadbetter, 7- Carlos Edwards, 8- David Norris, 9- Connor Wickham, 10- Jason Scotland, 16- Tamas Priskin, 19- Luke Hyam, 20- Tommy Smith, 21- Marton Fulop and 39- Mark Kennedy. Hope this is of some help. Regards Carole Cross

    1. Hi Carole,

      Thank you for the list of additional cards, I'll add them to the checklist.

      Kind regards,



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