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Chix Confectionery Co. Ltd. - CHI-350/ZB9-17 Famous Footballers


CHI-350/ZB9-17  Famous Footballers (Buchan Publications)
Chix Confectionery Co. Ltd.

These cards include a reference to 'Buchan Publications' on the back. Not a complete checklist this time. It seems that down the years I have conspired to loose the name of the player featured on card no. 23. If anyone can help identify the player I'll update this list straight away.

1.  Willie Fernie (Celtic)

2.  S. McClellan (Portsmouth)
3.  Don Howe (West Bromwich Albion)
4.  Reg Pickett (Ipswich Town)
5.  Ray Barlow (ex England)  -  wearing West Bromwich Albion kit
6.  Ray Charnley (Blackpool)
7.  Jimmy Kelly (Blackpool)
8.  Hugh Kelly (Ashton United) ex-Blackpool
9.  A. Wilson (Portsmouth)
10.  Alan Barnett (Grimsby Town)
11.  Jimmy Walsh (Leicester City)
12.  Jack Overfield (Sunderland)
13.  Eric Kerfoot (Chesterfield)  -  wearing Leeds United kit
14.  Jack Charlton (Leeds United)
15.  Jimmy Melia (Liverpool)
16.  Alan A'Court (Liverpool)
17.  Johnny Wheeler (Liverpool)
18.  Louis Bimpson (Bounremouth & Boscombe Athletic)
19.  Bobby Collins (Everton)
20.  Johnny Watts (Birmingham City)
21.  Harry Hooper (Sunderland)
22.  Johnny Dixon (Aston Villa)
23.  Jackie Sewell (ex England)   -   updated   -   thanks to Trevor Cotterell
24.  Jackie Sewell (ex England)
25.  Harry Leyland (Tranmere Rovers)
26.  Mike Thresher (Bristol City)
27.  Charlie Williams (Skegness)  -  the celebrated comedian
28.  Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
29.  Bert Trautmann (Manchester City)
30.  Jack Connor (Bristol City)
31.  Jimmy Hill (Norwich City)
32.  Bobby Brennan (Kings Lynn)
33.  Terry Allcock (Norwich City)
34.  Roy McCrohan (Norwich City)
35.  Ron Ashman (Norwich City)
36.  Albert Dunlop (Everton)
37.  Bunny Larkin (Norwich City)
38.  Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)
39.  Brendan McInally (Luton Town)
40.  Len Allchurch (Sheffield United)
41.  Brian Pilkington (Bolton Wanderers)
42.  Colin McDonald (Burnley)
43.  John Angus (Burnley)
44.  Albert Cheesbrough (Leicester City)
45.  Ray Pointer (Burnley)
46.  Gerry Summers (Sheffield United)
47.  John Molyneaux (Liverpool)
48.  Ronnie Allen (Crystal Palace)
49.  Stanley Matthews (Stoke City)
50.  Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)


  1. Hi Alan

    Just wondered If you or anyone else knows for sure that card #40 is Sheffield United? I've never seen it come up over the years and Allchurch moved from Swansea to the Blades in March 1961.



    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes, he's listed as Sheffield United and Wales on the back of the card. I don't have a good enough photo to show here, I'll e-mail it to you.


    2. Sheffield United and wales

  2. does anybody have no 9 Alex Wilson and no 23 Jackie Sewell to sell ? as this makes up my set of 50

  3. Hi I've found about 20 of these in the attic are they worth anything please ?

    1. There are individual cards listed on eBay between £1-£10 but I can't find any that have sold recently.

  4. Got stanley matthews in there jack charlton and more


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