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R. & J. Hill - Famous Footballers


Famous Footballers
R. & J. Hill
50 + 25 additional cards

The original set of 50 cards can be found with two different back designs...

Famous Footballers (Proprietors of Hy. Archer & Co. at base)

Famous Footballers (175 High Street, Shoreditch address)

1.  B. Jones (Arsenal)   -   amended 28-08-2021  -  thanks to Sean

2.  S. Crooks (Derby County)
3.  G. Ashall (Coventry City)
4.  Grovesnor (Leicester City)
5.  J. Smith (Manchester Utd)
6.  E.A. Hapgood (Arsenal)
7.  F. O'Donnell (Aston Villa)
8.  B. Nieuwenhuys (Liverpool)
9.  B. Sproston (Manchester City)
10.  G. Willshaw (Bristol City)
11.  F.H. Broome (Aston Villa)
12.  A. Geldard (Bolton Wanderers)
13.  G. Hodgson (Leeds United)
14.  R. McPhail (Glasgow Rangers)
15.  G.R. Mills (Chelsea)
16.  E. Sagar (Everton)
17.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)
18.  H.E. Hibbs (Birmingham City)
19.  D. Welsh (Charlton Athletic)
20.  G. Nicholson (Cardiff City)
21.  P. Gallacher (Sunderland)
22.  J. Morton (West Ham United)
23.  A. Herd (Manchester City)
24.  R.W. Starling (Aston Villa)
25.  V. Woodley (Chelsea)
26.  J. Pickering (Sheffield United)
27.  T. Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
28.  G.W. Hall (Tottenham Hotspur)
29.  S. Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
30.  G. Hullett (Plymouth Argyle)
31.  M. Fenton (Middlesborough)
32.  R.W. Westwood (Bolton Wanderers)
33.  R. Dix (Derby County)
34.  S. Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
35.  A. Young (Huddersfield Town)
36.  H. Carter (Sunderland)
37.  T. Lawton (Everton)
38.  L.A. Goulden (West Ham United)
39.  E.J. Vinall (Luton Town)
40.  J.H. Nicholas (Bristol Rovers)
41.  G. Mutch (Preston North End)
42.  A.E. Catlin (Sheffield Wednesday)
43.  E. O'Callaghan (Fulham)
44.  A. Beattie (Preston North End)
45.  G.C.P. Brown (Glasgow Rangers)
46.  E. Sandford (West Bromwich Albion)
47.  E.M. Glover (Grimsby Town)
48.  E. Brook (Manchester City)
49.  J. Guthrie (Portsmouth)
50.  J. Shadwell (Exeter City)

Additional 25 cards, making a set of 75

51.  H.J. Osman (Southampton)

52.  D. Watkin (Reading)
53.  S. English (Hartlepools United)
54.  W.N. Imne (Swansea Town)
55.  T.G. Sullivan (Chesterfield)
56.  T.J. Mills (Bristol Rovers)
57.  F. Peters (Bristol City)
58.  J. Brain (Bristol City)
59.  H.T. Bowl (Exeter City)
60.  W. Bussey (Exeter City)
61.  T. Wood (Newport County)
62.  C.A. Fletcher (Ipswich Town)
63.  E. Coleman (Norwich City)
64.  W.J. Fallon (Sheffield Wednesday)
65.  R. Allen (Torquay United)
66.  R. Baines (Barnsley)
67.  W.A. Hilton (Oldham Athletic)
68.  L. Butt (Blackburn Rovers)
69.  W. Parker (Bradford City)
70.  G. Davies (Bury)
71.  C.W. Allcock (Barrow)
72.  T. Leach (Lincoln City)
73.  J. Park (Newcastle United)
74.  A.P. Lythgoe(Stockport County)
75.  R. Danskin (Bradford Park Avenue)


  1. Hi Alan,
    No.1 is actually B (Bryn) Jones of Arsenal as opposed to Everton. Keep up the good work - its much appreciated !

    1. Thank you Sean, I always appreciate your help.


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