Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hunter, Tobacconist, Airdrie - Footballers


Hunter, Tobacconist, Airdrie
11 cards (?)

Listed as being issued in 1910, but was more likely issued any time in the years prior to 1905. Not much is known about this set but I've included dates when players were at their listed clubs.

This is the last of the checklists for sets of football cigarette cards issued in the United Kingdom before the Second World War. I've included checklists for most and as much detail as possible for those where checklists are incomplete. As new information comes to hand I'll be posting updates here.

These have been quite a few cigarette card sets issued covering people, places and events that have included one of two football related cards. I intend to go through all of these in the next week or so. 

D. Adams
S. Aitken (?)  - Middlesbrough 1903-1909
J. Carr (Newcastle United) 1895-1897
G. Carroll
C. Dunsmore
J. Ferguson (Sunderland ?)
P. Gildea (Airdrieonians, prior to 1906-07)
A. Smith (Rangers)
J. Thackeray (?)  - Middlesbrough 1904-1909
A. Thomson (Airdrieonians)
C. Veitch (Newcastle United)  - 1899-1914

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