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W. A. & A. C. Churchman - Sporting Trophies

Sporting Trophies
W. A. & A. C. Churchman
25 (6 football) / 12 (3 football)

Sporting Trophies - 1927

Sporting Trophies - 1997 reprint by Card Collectors Society

1.  The King's Cup (Air)

2.  The Schneider Trophy (Air)
3.  Duke of York's International Trophy
4.  A "Lonsdale Championship Belt" (Boxing)
5.  The Waterloo Cup (Coursing)
6.  The Football Association Cup (Football)
7.  The F.L. Championship Cup (Football)
8.  The F. A. Amateur Cup (Football)
9.  The A. F. A. Cup (Football)
10.  The Army Football Cup (Football)
11.  The Scottish F.A. Cup (Football)
12.  The Calcutta Cup (Rugby)
13.  The Inter-Hospitals Challenge Cup (Rugby)
14.  The Army Rugby Union Cup (Rugby)
15.  The Open Golf Championship Cup (Golf)
16.  The Amateur Golf Championship Cup (Golf)
17.  The Walker Cup (Golf)
18.  The Grand Challenge Cup (Rowing)
19.  The Diamond Challenge Sculls (Rowing)
20.  H.M. The King's Prize (Rifle Shooting)
21.  The Elcho Shield (Rifle Shooting)
22.  The Ashburton Shield (Rifle Shooting)
23.  The Daily Telegraph Cup (Shooting)
24.  The Davis Cup (Lawn Tennis)
25.  The America Cup (Yachting)

Sporting Trophies (Large format)

The King's Cup (Air)
2.  A "Lonsdale Championship Belt" (Boxing)
3.  The Football Association Cup (Football)
4.  The F.L. Championship Cup (Football)
5.  The F.A. Amateur Cup (Football)
6.  The Calcutta Cup (Rugby)
7.  The Open Golf Championship Cup (Golf)
8.  The Amateur Golf Championship Cup (Golf)
9.  The Grand Challenge Cup (Rowing)
10.  H.M. The King's Prize (Rifle Shooting)
11.  The Davis Cup (Lawn Tennis)
12.  The America Cup (Yachting)

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