Wednesday 19 February 2014

J. Millhoff & Co. (De Reszke Cigarettes) - In The Public Eye


In The Public Eye
J. Millhoff & Co. (De Reszke Cigarettes)
36 (3 Footballers)

1.  Adolphe Menjou (Actor)
2.  Walter Hammond (Cricket)
3.  Frank Wooley (Cricket)
4.  J. Bradford (Football)
5.  Evelyn Laye (Actress)
6.  Jack Hobbs (Cricket)
7.  Lord Lonsdale (Nobleman)  - Chairman of Arsenal F.C.
8.  James Braid (Golf)
9.  Miss Betty Nuthall (Tennis)
10.  Mary Pickford (Actress)
11.  Mr. R.C. Sherriff (Playwright)
12.  Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill (Politician)
13.  Rt. Hon. Stanley Baldwin (Politician)
14.  Rt. Hon. Philip Snowden (Politician)
15.  Gordon Richards (Jockey)
16.  Alec James (Football)
17.  Lord Melchett (Politcian, Industrialist)
18.  Charlie Chaplin (Actor)
19.  Miss Ishbel MacDonald (Politician)
20.  Rt. Hon. Ramsey MacDonald (Politician)
21.  Clive Brook (Actor)
22.  Lady D. Duff-Cooper (Actress)
23.  Dixie Dean (Football)
24.  Binnie Hale (Actress)
25.  Laura La Plante (Actress)
26.  W.W. Wakefield (Rugby)
27.  A.T. Young (Rugby)
28.  Tilly Losch (Ballet Dancer)
29.  Clara Bow (Actress)
30.  Rt. Gon. David Lloyd George (Politician)
31.  Mr. G. Bernard Shaw (Author)
32.  Fay Compton (Actress)
33.  Phil Scott (Boxer)
34.  Pat Hendren (Cricket)  - Brentford
35.  Ronald Colman (Actor)
36.  Rt. Hon. J.H. Thomas (Politician)

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