Wednesday, 26 February 2014

R. & J. Hill - Crystal Palace Souvenir Cards


Crystal Palace Souvenir Cards
R. & J. Hill
40 (1 football)

Crystal Palace Souvenir Cards (Gloss front)

Crystal Palace Souvenir Cards (Matt front)

1.  The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park

2.  Sir Joseph Paxton
3.  The Blotting-Paper Sketch
4.  Albert, Prince Consort
5.  The Queen's Boudoir
6.  Great Exhibition Interior
7.  Great Exhibition Grounds
8.  Great Exhibition Interior
9.  Great Exhibition Interior
10.  Great Exhibition Interior
11.  Great Exhibition Interior
12.  The Crystal Palace
13.  Opening of The Crystal Palace
14.  The Archbishop's Prayer at the Opening
15.  Queen Victoria Opens Crystal Palace
16.  Napoleon III Visits The Crystal Palace
17.  The Fountains
18.  Peace Trophy and Scutari Monument
19.  The Mendelssohn Festival
20.  Steam Fire Engines at The Crystal Palace
21.  The Fireworks at the The Crystal Palace
22.  Christmas Entertainments at the Palace
23.  The North Transept Destroyed By Fire
24.  The Palace Aquarium
25.  M. Blondin at The Crystal Palace
26.  Blondin's Fall at The Crystal Palace
27.  Visit of the Shah of Persia
28.  The Tsar's Visit to The Crystal Palace
29.  Dr. Carver's Rifle Shooting
30.  The Grand Organ
31.  The Pneumatic Railway
32.  The Italian Court
33.  The Egyptian Court
34.  Festival of Empire
35.  Football at the Palace, 1911 (Bradford City v Newcastle United)
36.  Band Competitions
37.  The Great Towers
38.  Aerial View of the Fire
39.  Palace Destroyed By Fire
40.  Remains of The Crystal Palace

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