Friday, 28 February 2014

Boys' Magazine - BOY-490 The F.A. Cup Finalists, 1929 (2)

BOY-490 The F.A. Cup Finalists, 1929
Boys' Magazine
1  sheet

William Worthington has kindly forwarded a scan of this souvenir sheet, which was given away with issue no. 374 of Boys' Magazine, dated 4 May, 1929.

Bolton Wanderers F.C.
R. Haworth, A. Finney, R.H. Pym, J. Seddon, H. Nuttall, F.W. Kean, W. Butler, J. McClelland, H.A. Blackmore, G.B. Gibson, W. Cook
Portsmouth F.C.
R. Irvine, J.A. Mackie, J. Gilfillan, J. McColgan, F. Forward, J.W. Smith, J. Nichol, J. Weddle, J. McIlwaine, D. Thackeray, D. Watson, F. Cook

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