Monday, 24 February 2014

Major Drapkin - Sporting Celebrities in Action

Sporting Celebrities in Action
Major Drapkin
36 (2 Footballers)

1.  W.H. Ponsford (Cricket)
2.  W.M. Woodfull (Cricket)
3.  Walter Hammond (Cricket)
4.  Robert T. Jones (Golf)
5.  Walter Hagen (Golf)
6.  A. Compston (Golf)
7.  Gerald L. Patterson (Lawn Tennis)
8.  Helen N. Wills (Lawn Tennis)
9.  R. Lacoste (Lawn Tennis)
10.  Flt.Lt. D. D'arcy A. Greig, D.F.C. (Aviation)
11.  Captain Harold (Bert) Hinkler, A.F.C. (Aviation)
12.  Col. Charles A. Lindbergh (Aviation)
13.  W.W. Wakefield (Rugby Union)
14.  J. Richardson (Rugby Union)
15.  James McMullan (Manchester City and Scotland)
16.  David Jack (Arsenal and England)
17.  Captain Malcolm Campbell (Motor Speed)
18.  Major Sir H.O.D. Seagrave (Motor Speed)
19.  T. Heeney (Boxing)
20.  Gene Tunney (Boxing)
21.  J. Munro (Horse Racing)
22.  Gordon Richards (Horse Racing)
23.  Billy Lamont (Speedway)
24.  Sprouts Elder (Speedway)
25.  E. Barry (Sculling)
26.  R. Arnst (Sculling)
27.  Squadron Leader A.H. Orlebar, A.F.C. (Aviation)
28.  Willie Smith (Billiards)
29.  E.H. Temme (Swimming)
30.  Alan Charlton (Boy) (Swimming)
31.  P. Nurmi (Athletics)
32.  D.G.A. Lowe (Athletics)
33.  Sonja Henie (Ice Skating)
34.  E. Ham (Athletics)
35.  Lord D.G.B.C. Burghley (Athletics)
36.  F.H. Wyld (Cycling)

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