Monday, 24 February 2014

Gallaher Ltd. - Island Sporting Celebrities

Island Sporting Celebrities
Gallaher Ltd.
Channel Islands
48 (10 footballers)

1.  W.M.F. Hudson (Athletics)
2.  G. Le G. Peek (Hockey, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Athletics)
3.  H.F. Rich (Cricket)
4.  J.S. Heaume (Golf)
5.  R.E. Le Lacheur (Motor Racing)
6.  H.V. Palmer (Football, Rowing)
7.  Barney Luscombe (Boxing)
8.  O.J.N. Langlois (Badminton)
9.  H.M. De La Rue (Golf)
10.  William Huelin (Football)
11.  H. St. Clair Dean (Darts)
12.  Bert Brenton (Table Tennis)
13.  C.H. Cross (Rugby)
14.  T.S. Henry (Shooting)
15.  Ernest Stead (Billiards)
16.  Mrs. H. Le Parmentier (Motor Racing)
17.  Paul Le Masurier (Cricket)
18.  W. Green (Motor Cycling)
19.  Billy Lake (Boxing)
20.  J. Le Pavoux (Shooting)
21.  M.C. Allen (Football, Cricket)
22.  B. Barnett (Chess)
23.  Percy Bougourd (Football)
24.  F.E. Stroobant (Cricket, Baseball)
25.  A. Ogier (Badminton)
26.  A.R. Cohen (Athletics)
27.  W.C. Freeman (Football)
28.  T.B. Jolly (Golf)
29.  F.N. Carey (Badminton)
30.  Douglas Mechem (Football)
31.  G.S. Hughes (Darts)
32.  R.T.A. Falla (Rugby)
33.  G.H. Pearson (Badminton)
34.  Capt. D. Bisset D.C.M., M.M. (Shooting)
35.  A.D. Alford (Rugby)
36.  Henry Mott (Hockey, Cricket, Badminton, Golf, Baseball)
37.  Billy Bennett (Boxing)
38.  Albert J. Young (Shooting)
39.  John Martel (Football, Cricket)
40.  G.L. Cohen (Motor Racing)
41.  F.W.W. Chandler (Football, Rugby)
42.  George Herpes (Boxing)
43.  S.A. Noel (Golf)
44.  Harold W. Hughes (Darts)
45.  C.F. Grieve (Cricket, Rugby, Golf)
46.  George Fisher (Hockey)
47.  F.J. Cope (Shooting)
48.  Danny Mauger (Football)

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