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R. & J. Hill - Celebrities of Sport


Celebrities of Sport
R. & J. Hill
50 (4 Footballers)

Stan Cullis, Bryn Jones, Stanlet Matthews and Vic Woodley are the footballers, while Wilf Wooller also played football for Cardiff City.
UPDATE (24-07-2019 13:59):  I've updated the checklist adding all the sportsmen and women.

Celebrities of Sport (Goldflake Honeydew)
Celebrities of Sport (R. & J. Hill Ltd.)

1.  G. Wilson (Horse Racing)
2.  Miss D. Storey (Swimming)
3.  Miss Kathleen Stammers (Tennis)
4.  Miss Jean Nicholl (Tennis)
5.  R.W. Shaw (Rugby Union)
6.  J.R. Bingham (Rowing)
7.  P.M. Scott (Author)
8.  R.H. Guest (Rugby Union)
9.  J.T. Holden (Athletics)
10.  A.G.K. Brown (Athletics)
11.  C.D. Tomalin (Diving)
12.  Alexander Archer (Ice Hockey)
13.  H.W. Austin (Tennis)
14.  Eric Boon (Boxing)
15.  H. Cotton (Golf)
16.  A.B. Sanford (Rowing)
17.  Len Harvey (Boxing)
18.  Jean Batten (Flying)
19.  Sir Malcolm Campbell (Speed)
20.  F.J. Perry (Tennis)
21.  John R. Cobb (Motor Racing)
22.  Malcolm Craven (Speedway)
23.  Stanley Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
24.  Gordon Dailley (Ice Hockey)
25.  Joe Davis (Billiards)
26.  Captain G.E.T. Eyston (Speed)
27.  Tommy Farr (Boxing)
28.  K.C. Gandar-Dower (Squash)
29.  W.R. Hammond (Cricket)
30.  W. Wooller (Cricket)  -  played football for Cardiff City
31.  Gordon Richards (Horse Racing)
32.  Alex Hensham (Flying)
33.  L. Hutton (Cricket)
34.  Bryn Jones (Arsenal)
35.  Miss M.E. Lumb (Squash, Tennis)
36.  Stanley Matthews (Stoke City)
37.  Tom Newman (Billiards)
38.  R.C.F. Nichols (Badminton)
39.  R. Perryman (Horse Racing)
40.  K. Farnes (Cricket)
41.  E.A. Phelps (Rowing)
42.  J.G. Carruthers (Bowls)
43.  T.O.M. Sopwith (Sailing)
44.  H.B. Toft (Rugby Union)
45.  Mrs. Uber (Badminton)
46.  Hedley Verity (Cricket)
47.  R.A. Whitcombe (Golf)
48.  Arthur Wilkinson (Speedway)
49.  S.C. Wooderson (Athletics)
50.  Victor Woodley (Chelsea)   -   amended 24-07-2019   -   thanks to Nik Yeomans

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