Monday, 18 November 2013

Topical Times - TOP-200-6/TOA-16-4-a - Footballers - Large (B&W) - Irish

TOP-200-6/TOA-16-4-a - Footballers - Large (B&W) - Irish
Topical Times
20 cards

Possibly two different collections here. I’d like to acknowledge Neil Goulding's research regarding these Topical Times cards.

V. Aiken (Glentoran)
H. Baird (Linfield)
H. Bullock (Portadown)
D. Cranston (Newry Town)
W. Gamble (Ards)
J. Gibb (Cliftonville)
H.C. Hewitt (Linfield)
R. Irvine (Derry City)
J. Kelly (Derry City)
E. Magill (Glenavon)
Norman M'Caw (Cliftonville)
William M'Cleary (Linfield)
K. M'Culloch (Belfast Celtic)
E.J. Mitchell (Ballymena)
John M'Ninch (Ballymena)
S. Patton (Distillery)
William Pollock (Belfast Celtic)
J. Priestley (Coleraine)
Maurice Pyper (Linfield)
Fred Roberts (Glentoran)


  1. L Priestley of Coleraine should read J Priestley and William McCulloch of Belfast
    Celtic should read K McCulloch.


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