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Sunday Empire News - Our Pin-Up (drawn by Mickey Durling)

Our Pin-Up (drawn by Mickey Durling)
Sunday Empire News
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Drawn by Mickey Durling, these caricatures run into the hundreds, many of them appear in the Sunday Evening News. This newspaper issued a set of cards of Durling's drawings called Famous Footballers of Today. Durling's work was also featured in Charles Buchan's Football Monthly in the early 1950s. A large collection of the drawings were reprinted as cards in the late 1980's, printed in blue.
UPDATE (03-02-2024 21:10):  More names added, thanks to Sean for his help. Numbers have been added here for reference purposes only. Date amended to 1950's from 1940's.
  1. Walley Barnes (Arsenal)  -  added 03-02-2024
  2. Ray Daniel (Arsenal and Wales)
  3. Peter Goring (Arsenal)  -  added 24-01-2024
  4. Cliff Holton (Arsenal)
  5. John Kelsey (Arsenal)
  6. Jimmy Logie (Arsenal)
  7. Tommy Briggs (Blackburn Rovers)
  8. Red Elvy (Blackburn Rovers)
  9. Albert Nightingale (Blackburn Rovers)
  10. Malcolm Barrass (Bolton Wanderers and England)
  11. Bobby Langton (Bolton Wanderers and England)
  12. Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers and England)
  13. Willie Moir (Bolton Wanderers and Scotland)
  14. Dave Massart (Bury)
  15. Billy Kiernan (Charlton Athletic)
  16. Frank Lock (Charlton Athletic)
  17. John McNichol (Chelsea)
  18. Peter Sillett (Chelsea)
  19. Bobby Smith (Chelsea)
  20. Tommy Eglington (Everton)
  21. Bedford Jezzard (Fulham)
  22. Robin Lawler (Fulham and Eire)
  23. Arthur Stevens (Fulham)
  24. Jim Taylor (Fulham)
  25. Tom Berry (Hull City)
  26. Billy Bly (Hull City)
  27. Derek Hines (Leicester City)
  28. Jack Lee (Leicester City)
  29. Charlie Ashcroft (Liverpool)
  30. Brian Hughes (Liverpool)
  31. Laurie Hughes (Liverpool and England)
  32. Jack Smith (Liverpool)
  33. John Berry (Manchester United)
  34. Roger Byrne (Manchester United)
  35. Bill Foulkes (Manchester United)
  36. Stan Pearson (Manchester United and England)
  37. Dennis Viollet (Manchester United)
  38. Alex McRae (Middlesbrough)
  39. Reg Foulkes (Norwich City)
  40. John Gavin (Norwich City)
  41. Horace Gager (Nottingham Forest)
  42. Leon Leuty (Notts County)
  43. Jackie Sewell (Notts County)
  44. Terry Ryder (Portsmouth)
  45. Tommy Docherty (Preston North End)
  46. Tom Finney (Preston North End)
  47. Jim Gooch (Preston North End)
  48. Ken Horton (Preston North End)
  49. Joe Marston (Preston North End)
  50. Redfern Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday)
  51. Eddie Gannon (Sheffield Wednesday)
  52. Don Gibson (Sheffield Wednesday)
  53. Albert Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday)
  54. Ken Chisholm (Sunderland)
  55. Ray Daniel (Sunderland and Wales)
  56. Willie Fraser (Sunderland)
  57. Tommy Reynolds (Sunderland)
  58. Tommy Wright (Sunderland and Scotland)
  59. Ronnie Allen (West Bromwich Albion)
  60. Ray Barlow (West Bromwich Albion)
  61. Peter Broadbent (Wolves)
  62. Ron Flower (Wolves)
  63. Jimmy Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers and England)
  64. Bill Shorthouse (Wolves)
  65. Billy Wright (Wolves and England)


  1. To the list you can add

    Ray Daniel (Arsenal and Wales)
    Cliff Holton (Arsenal)
    Jimmy Logie (Arsenal)
    John Kelsey (Arsenal)
    Albert Nightingale (Blackburn Rovers)
    Tommy Briggs (Blackburn Rovers)
    Malcolm Barrass (Bolton Wanderers and England)
    Bobby Langton (Bolton Wanderers and England)
    Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers and England)
    Dave Massart (Bury)
    Frank Lock (Charlton Ath)
    Bobby Smith (Chelsea)
    Peter Sillett (Chelsea)
    John McNichol (Chelsea)
    Jim Taylor (Fulham)
    Arthur Stevens (Fulham)
    Robin Lawler (Fulham and Eire)
    Bedford Jezzard (Fulham)
    Billy Bly (Hull City)
    Tom Berry (Hull City)
    Derek Hines (Leicester City)
    Jack Lee (Leicester City)
    Laurie Hughes (Liverpool and England)
    Jack Smith (Liverpool)
    Brian Hughes (Liverpool)
    Charlie Ashcroft (Liverpool)
    Stan Pearson (Manchester United and England)
    Roger Byrne (Manchester United)
    John Berry (Manchester United)
    Dennis Viollet (Manchester United)
    Bill Foulkes (Manchester United)
    John Gavin (Norwich City)
    Reg Foulkes (Norwich City)
    Horace Gager (Nottingham Forest)
    Jackie Sewell (Notts County)
    Jim Gooch (Preston North End)
    Ken Horton (Preston North End)
    Tom Finney (Preston North End)
    Don Gibson (Sheffield Wednesday)
    Albert Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday)
    Eddie Gannon (Sheffield Wednesday)
    Redfern Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday)
    Tommy Reynolds (Sunderland)
    Ken Chisholm (Sunderland)
    Tommy Wright (Sunderland and Scotland)
    Ray Daniel (Sunderland and Wales)
    Ron Flower (Wolves)
    Jimmy Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers and England)
    Billy Wright (Wolves and England)
    Peter Broadbent (Wolves)
    Bill Shorthouse (Wolves)

    1. Hi Lee,

      Wow! Superb, thank you very much.


  2. Hi Alan,
    Peter Goring (Arsenal) can be added to your list.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Alan, going on the 2 digit number after Durling’s signature do you think this set might be 1950s rather than 40’s? I’ve got the ‘dates’ of 50, 51 & 52 on some of mine & I see some of the cards above also have numbers in the 50s.

    1. Hi Sean,

      That's interesting. I had a few in my collection many years ago but I didn't make a note of any dates. I wish I had done now. I've amended the date from the 1940's to the 1950's. I'll look out for dates from now on and added them to the checklist where I can read them.


  4. If you don’t have Walley Barnes (Arsenal) he can be added Alan.


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