Friday, 22 November 2013

Boys' Magazine - BOY-460/BPM-4 Famous Footer Clubs

BOY-460/BPM-4 Famous Footer Clubs
Boys' Magazine

A set of very colourful cards, in the style of the older Baines cards.

Arsenal - J. Brain
Aston Villa - F. Moss
Birmingham - F. Womack
Bolton Wanderers - E.T. Vizard
Burnley - J.H. Hill
Cardiff City - F. Keenor
Celtic - W. McStay
Chelsea - J. Priestley
Clapton Orient - R. Gavigan
Everton - H. Hart
Fulham - L. Oliver
Heart Of Midlothian - J. White
Leeds United - T. Townley
Liverpool - E. Longworth
Manchester City - F. Roberts
Manchester United - F. Barson
Partick Thistle - J. Gibson
Portsmouth - W.W. Haines
Preston North End - T. Hamilton
Sheffield United - H. Johnson
Sunderland - W. Clunas
Swansea Town - J. Sykes
Tottenham Hotspur - A. Grimsdell
West Ham United - J. Hebden

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